The business of pleasure

A WISE Cav Daily man once pondered, "It's true; you never can mix business with pleasure. But I was thinking the other day -- what if your business is the business of pleasure?"

I would like to suggest the CD is such a fusion.

I'm not going to lie -- sometimes it's hard to imagine that The Cavalier Daily office is the place where these two worlds of business and pleasure collide.

There's a Xerox machine that singes and devours human flesh. Late at night the computers in the basement of Newcomb Hall start to make hissing noises that sound like small children screaming from far away. And sometimes you turn on the television to realize that it's open season and Bill O'Reilly is coming to throw you off "campus."

I could take the idealistic high road and bestow upon you my sophisticated opinions about student journalism explaining why all the unruly CD office equipment has been worth it. However, as my newly ex-officemate can attest, I don't have opinions. So I'll take the ditzy blonde route and tell you how much I heart The Cav Daily staff.

There's the 117th Managing Board -- my unexpected best Cav Daily friends -- Mike, Herb, Alex and Jordan. Thanks for not just treating me like "girl." I can only hope that I have another work experience in my life that measures up to the last year we've spent working for the CD together. I know that we will meet frequently in the future in Cav Daily has-been heaven (aka the CDAA). Maybe we can get a pool in Alumni Hall's backyard for CD alums? Relax, we can afford it. Well, maybe eventually we will be able to afford it, once we get jobs or something.

Jordan and Herb: keep on keeping on. And don't forget the old MB.We're your favorite.When the going gets tough, feed St. Kandiz of the CD, the transgender Betta fish, and think of the 117th.

To the rest of the new MB of the 118th term, Dan, Caroline, Meggie and Elizabeth:do not take note pads into MB meetings ... only the dorky kids do that. Some days you may be tempted to jump off Beta Bridge, invite the rest of the MB to a wrist-slitting party over Corporate Time Event Planner or make a paper chain count down -- even when there are 100+ papers left in your term. Just make Herb read the ledit in a French accent or ask Meggie to show you some sweet Excel functions and I am fairly sure your days will get better.

Michelle: I never actually took you up on your offer to break ankles for me, but just knowing that you would helped me get through some tough times. Facism Forever.

Christina: I don't know what I would have done, and I have no idea what this paper would be right now, without you this year. You are a rock star.

DOF: You know who you are. Girl Power at The Cav Daily is in your hands. Do not let the has beens down.And please remember to include us in future dinner parties.

To The Cav Daily has beens that have gone before me, Maggie, Leah, Pat "The Douche Bag" Harvey, Natasha and Kara: You probably won't even read this but, in case you do, you guys will always be The Cav Daily big kids in my mind -- people I look up to, and I am so happy I became and stayed friends with you.

Some of the people who have contributed the most to my experience on The Cav Daily have never had a byline or even their name in print -- unless, of course, it was because they were asked to comment on a bar fight they witnessed for a News story.

Maggie, Kristin and Bryce: I cannot thank you enough for being the kind of friends that always listened to me bitch about how stressed out I was but never let me quit what you knew was important to me. For reading my articles, for saving me from the office on Valentine's Day, for picking me up from Newcomb late at night, for finding me and dragging me home after Cav Daily parties, for caring about the finances of the school newspaper because you knew I did -- the list goes on and on.

And Mark, thanks for the pepper spray for walks home from Newcomb.

To MA: Yes, The Cavalier DAILY comes out EVERY DAY. It's funny how that works, isn't it? You always were the sister with all the common sense; I got the looks, most say (just kidding). Thanks for the phone calls at the office and pretending like you care about school newspaper gossip.

And I cannot forget my momma, whose understanding and forgiving nature, along with some financial assistance, kept me from starving in the basement of Newcomb Hall after multiple overdrafts on my personal checking account at the Pav during my tenure at the CD. After a year of handling the newspaper's finances, I think I have my personal accounts in order. I've learned my lesson, I promise. And don't worry, I wasn't spending the money on drugs or alcohol or whipped cream for huffing, I was always in The Cav Daily office and didn't have time for any of that even if I wanted -- and sometimes I did.

Bottom line: The cost of over-drafting my account 15 times a month: well, you remember the bank statement. Having a momma who loves you even when you are being a dumb-ass with your check card and, furthermore, reads the paper online attentively enough to notice when you have reused a file photo on the News page months after its first use: priceless.

To my dad, for teaching me you can accomplish the most when people are expecting the least out of you. I think I have learned that lesson.

Moving on from The Cav Daily is a more significant step in my life than my graduation from the University will be and my time at the CD could quite possibly be the best job I will ever have. So to The Cavalier Daily staff and everyone in my life who has supported my involvement, thanks. It's been a business of pleasure.

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