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All they had to do was ask

Pause over this quotation for a second: "In the days of Thomas Jefferson, no one thought that black people would want to attenda university. No one thought women would want to go to a university, either." This delightful anecdote came not from Ed Ayers' final lecture or the University Guide Service as you might have expected, but from a section of the University's official Web site entitled "U.Va. History for Kids." The article, written on behalf of the University by author Susan Tyler Hitchcock, who received her Ph.D. in English from the University in 1978, attempts to encapsulate University history in a few pithy paragraphs styled in that graceful, familiar Sesame Street syntax ("One night in 1840


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Today, we sit down with both the president and treasurer of the Virginia women's club basketball team to discuss everything from making free throws to recent increased viewership in women's basketball.