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The Pulse


Shakespeare on the Lawn has produced many inventive renditions of Shakespeare's classics. This weekend, April 12 and 14, the troupe is performing Henry IV. The play will be shown in thrust, with the audience on three sides, and will have more than 20 fight scenes and a live band.

-- jeannette williams

"Let's Get Physical"

Last month, street-fashion company, We Are the Superlative Conspiracy (WeSC), released a 10-track ode to Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical." The CD features covers of the song in a range of genres from dance to electronica to hip-hop. My personal favorite is by The Black Ghosts, an electro-pop group from London, UK.

-- jeannette williams

Fall Out Boy

Ostensibly, the music video for Fall Out Boy's "Thnks fr th Mmrs" is about the band's growing disillusionment with the record industry. Music executives, represented by orangutans and chimpanzees, manipulate and compromise the band throughout the entire video. But is Fall Out Boy really worried about losing its image to the corporate world? Blatant product placement for body sprays and cell phones suggests otherwise.

-- ethan hamlin


Latest Podcast

Today, we sit down with both the president and treasurer of the Virginia women's club basketball team to discuss everything from making free throws to recent increased viewership in women's basketball.