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Save those Hillary posters!

During the elaborate student hubbub last week on the South Lawn in preparation for Senator Clinton's visit, I kept myself busy by gathering up the multitude of posters and walking away like a kid retiring from a very successful trick-or-treat. Did I go listen to the speech? Heavens no, I had class. I'm not even a Democrat.

You may be wondering if I have some sort of disorder, but I assure you the end justifies the means. The truth is that political propaganda and miscellany like this turns into gold after a couple of years to history buffs and the general public alike. After 40 years or so, this stuff will be sold by art dealers, placed in museums and reproduced for the masses. Just like any antique item, as the quantity available diminishes, the price will continue to rise. It's really just simple economics -- as the supply decreases, then the demand will increase (or something like that -- its been a long time since my Econ 201 days).

You'd be surprised what people are willing to pay for dingy old posters and buttons anyhow. Walk into an antique store and see items like tumblers, pins, plates, sashes and hats (I could go on forever) kept in glass with individual pricing ... and these are just for people who didn't even win! Individual memorabilia with names like Roosevelt (both Theo and Franklin), Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon hold incredible value and those interested are willing to pay astronomical prices to own their own whimsical little piece of history.

Yes, you heard me