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Fantasy fun

Zach Rowen’s column (“Fantasy Land,” Sept. 11) attacked a simple leisure activity that is enjoyed by millions of people in America and hundreds, if not thousands, of students at the University. He bases his argument on the idea that those who partake in fantasy football are simply “consumers” because they are bombarded with advertising everytime they log on. I’m not sure what Web sites Rowen has been to lately, but I’m pretty confident that nearly every major Web site generates a large percentage of its profit via advertising on the Web page.
Second, he completely overlooks the fact that part of the reason people play fantasy sports is because they suddenly care about the Cleveland Browns defense. There’s an extra incentive and added excitement to watch games that otherwise we wouldn’t care about.
All in all, Rowen is entirely entitled to his opinion about fantasy sports and, in fact, should be commended that he escaped the “vicious cycle” that many a fantasy player falls into. However, this doesn’t warrant an assault on an activity that has been a source of joy and excitement for me and many other sports fans each and every fall.
Daniel Bergamesca