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Unfair treatment

The Cavalier Daily’s Managing Board writes against a proposal, by GSAS representative to the Student Council David Hondula that would allow research-only grad students to attend some football and basketball games without paying more than we already do (“All or nothing,” Sept. 15). They say that it “seems fair” to require grad students to pay an athletics fee for events we cannot attend without paying even more.
I’d like the Managing Board to explain what exactly is “fair” about requiring those of us taking out loans to pay our research fees while we write our dissertations to subsidize athletic events that we can’t attend without coughing up another several hundred dollars. I know that many of my colleagues could not care less about attending basketball and football games. But some of us (including me) probably would attend an occasional event if we could, and it shows an un-collegial spirit and a lack of imagination to claim there’s no way to make that happen without unleashing a “logistical nightmare.”
Matthew Meyer