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These are a few of my favorite things

No, I don’t plan to break out in song von Trapp style. I do, however, want to recognize some of the things on Grounds that have made returning to school and getting back into the swing of rigorous class work worthwhile.
While the refurbishing of Clemons Library makes it a much more idyllic place to study, I have always been partial to Clark Library. The building itself, timeless and welcoming, is located in the ideal spot as a retreat between classes. When time proves to be of the essence, I can’t count how many instances I relied on Clark for printing a reading or typing a quick e-mail. Also, the staff keep the study areas immaculate and provide students with an unprecedented variety of comfortable chairs. While I could spend 10 minutes describing to you my favorite spot within Clark’s hallowed walls, I fear you’ll be there the next time I bring work to do. Long story short, if a place can make you enthusiastic to study then it’s definitely a worthwhile endeavor for which to leave your room. There’s something about those naked people on the mural in the foyer as well, I suppose.
I may be partial to Clark, but I do indulge every once and a while (loosely translated to mean every day) and visit the esteemed Alderman Café. Personally, I feel they make the meanest cup of coffee on Grounds. There are many things a college student can survive without, but good coffee is not one of them. Alderman seems to be the most therapeutic place for someone feeling down and blue because, like “Cheers,” it’s the place where everybody knows your name. I often frequent Alderman with specific tasks set to conquer and walk out two hours later having nothing done, but it’s always worthwhile because I instead caught up with three or four friends I’d much rather talk to than face discussion reading or my inbox.
Another one of my favorite spots quickly makes me think of what the good ol’ days at U.Va. might have been like, full of fresh-faced young men in tweed, herringbone and argyle — Randall Hall. As a history major, I think we lucked out with the coolest building on Grounds (I am of course excluding all Commerce students from this equation). This is the inner nerd in me speaking, but the white hallways with their crown molding and the checkered floors make walking in to see a professor like having a blast from the past.
I could pontificate about my favorite buildings here at the University forever, but a student’s also got to eat. I realize that my hometown contains several bagel locations that have merit in their own way, but nothing compares to Bodo’s. Perfection comes in many forms, and one of those includes being able to spend $2 on a lunch and eat it out on the Lawn. Those people behind the counter move customers so fast it makes one’s head spin — even during the post-church rush on Sunday one can get in and out with bagels in less than 10 minutes. My parents still think it’s weird that that’s where I want to go when they come into town instead of something nicer (and of course, costlier). Bodo’s is, and always will be, where it’s at.
And if you’re looking for lunch, whoever thought of the idea to sell off house dressing and bags of bread leftovers? Take It Away Sandwich Shop is, and always will be in my mind, a genius. Who knew something so simple and seemingly strange would be so delicious? This is another choice of cuisine my parents find incredibly odd (“Bread and sandwich spread? Are you really that poor at school?”) but if you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it. A couple bags of bread ends and a pint of house dressing total about $10 and feed a large number of people. You won’t be disappointed.
As I play around with my Sexual Assault Peer Advocacy pen and take a sip of water with my Honor cup, I am reminded that there are some things around Grounds that don’t cost anything. I thank all of those organizations that are cool enough to make free stuff for people like me who live for such things. I feel content in my extracurricular endeavors at this point in my college career, but don’t think for a second I didn’t go around to every table at the activities fair and pretend to be interested just so I could get the swag. Now I don’t need to buy writing utensils or drinkware. Thanks, guys!
I think these tiny joys mean so much to me because my honeymoon period with this school has yet to end. I love being a student here and I am so happy to be back from summer vacation. I guess we’ll just have to wait until I get my first test or paper back, however, to see a list of things that drive me insane. Until then!
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