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Athlete of the Week: Chelsea Shine

Basic Information:
Year: Freshman
Sport: Basketball
Position: Forward

24 games, 5 starts
6.3 points per game
4.0 rebounds per game
19 blocks, leads team

What are you studying?
I wanted to do communications; unfortunately that’s not a major here. But I’ve been talking to Jay James — on radio — and he’s sort of helping me out to figure out what classes to take.

At what point in your basketball career did you start to realize it might be more than just a hobby?
I guess I played in seventh and eighth grade. I was a pretty typical seventh- and eighth-grade player — nothing special. But then in ninth grade, my best friend and I made the varsity team as freshman. It was like, “Oh my gosh, we could maybe really do something here.” She started before me ... but by the end of my freshman year, I started. That’s when it hit me — I got way more serious about basketball. I got way more serious about the [Amateur Athletic Union].

Did she end up going to play in college?
Yeah, she plays at Davidson now.

Would you say you are better than her?
I would never say that!

Do you guys play the same position?
Yes. She’s a little bit thicker than I am and probably and inch or two shorter. For the most part, yes. She’s a better three-point shooter than I am though.

Do you guys ever still play together?
She’s my best friend. So whenever we are home, we are always working out together, working out with the guys, playing together.

What would you say your favorite part about being at U.Va. is?
I think the team and basketball, honestly. I love everything about it, though, ever since I started here. I just adjusted, and once I got used to it and adjusted, I loved it. I love the campus, I love the people here, I love the sports and athletics here. But I think I just really love this gym and the team. You know, you spend way, way more time with these people than I will with anyone else here. I just love the way things are run.

Do you have a least favorite part about U.Va.?
Probably classes. You know, classes are really hard. When I applied here, it was really different because I was coming here for basketball and not for academics. But that’s why they have you in study hall. But some of the classes I’m taking are pretty tough.

Who would you say your favorite athlete at U.Va. is besides those on women’s basketball?
I like football and men’s basketball. Those are my favorite to watch ... I don’t think I have one particular favorite athlete. It’s a little bit different when you are here — I’m friends with all of them. But I’m friends with a lot of the people on a bunch of different teams.

Do you go to basketball and football games?
Oh yeah, [I] love football, love coming to the guys’ games on weekends.

What would you say the hardest part about adjusting from the high school level to the intense collegiate level?
Speed and physicality.

But your speed is one of the things you use to your advantage, right?
Right, yeah. It is because once we got through conditioning I got a lot faster. And being a post player, when I’m playing against other post players, who are a lot more stronger. Maybe strength is their thing, and running is my thing. But, you know, the whole pace of the game, too. Everything is much louder, much quicker. So much more is thrown at you as a freshman and as a younger player, and you have to really adjust and soak everything up as quickly as you can.

Have you given any thoughts to what’s going to happen once you graduate? Any WNBA in your future?
I have no idea. I’m just taking it one step at a time here.


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