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Athlete of the Week: Sean Singletary

Basic Information:
2008 Virginia graduate
Currently plays point guard for Charlotte Bobcats in NBA

Ranks in the top 10 all-time among Cavaliers for six major career stats: steals (second), assists (third), three-point field goals (third), free throws made (fouth), total points (fifth), and total field goals (ninth)
Three-time All-ACC selection
Led Virginia to NCAA tournament berth in 2007

When did you find out that U.Va. was going to retire your jersey?
“My senior game I had a ceremony, and about two weeks ago I found out about this ceremony.”

Did you think they would do that?
“I didn’t put much thought to it. I’m just focused on the NBA season. It’s a great accomplishment to be mentioned in the names of those guys, and I’m just happy, man. I’m excited. It’s not every day this happens to someone.”

Do you personally know any of the other guys who have had their jerseys [numbers] retired?
“I know Barry [Parkhill] real well; I know him more than anyone. I know Bryant [Stith] a little bit.”

Were you hopeful that your return would give people around the University something to cheer about, given the team’s recent struggles?
“I know the guys are [going to] become more energetic and hopefully produce some wins, but man, those guys — coach [Leitao] and the team — they’re all good guys, they all work hard everyday. I’m sure if they’ve had any open practices, you’ve seen [that] they don’t hang their heads low because they’re struggling. They’re having growing pains, and it’s a process. I’m just happy to come back like I said, but if I can get the guys a little bit more energy, then that’s good, too.”

Did you talk to the team before the game?
“[Yesterday] I talked to [them] a little bit. Like I said, they’re not hanging their heads low; everybody’s in good spirits. They realize you’re [going to] have ebbs and flows to anything; any success you have, there’s [going to] be ups and downs.”

When you’re honored like this, does it make you that much more appreciative that you came back for your senior year rather than leaving early for the NBA?
“No doubt. I always appreciate that I came back, and I appreciate the fans for welcoming me back. I feel as though it’ll be a better life for me when you get done with something and you move on; you don’t just keep it in your head. If I would’ve left early, then I always would be thinking about, I got to graduate, I got to do this. But, my senior year was great, the fans were great, the team was great. I can’t complain at all about it.”

Who’s your next NBA team?
“I don’t know, man. You never know in that business.”

Given your busy schedule, how closely have you been able to follow Virginia?
“I always look at Cavalier Sports Weekly. I talk to a few guys on the team, [and] I always talk to coach Leitao and all the assistant coaches, so every game they have, I always ask what happened if I don’t see it on TV.”

Where are you in terms of your NBA career? Are you happy in Charlotte?
“A lot of people ask me that, and I always say I’d be a fool to complain. I’m in the NBA. I got to learn a lot from Steve Nash in Phoenix and I’m learning a lot from Larry Brown in Charlotte, so I’ve just gotta take it for the ride, take it for what it’s worth and just keep playing hard. Eventually I’ll get my shot.”

What kind of ride was it early on, being with four different franchises?

“I [put] a lot of consideration [into] it but I don’t see it like everybody else sees it. I’m just like, OK, whatever. Trade me here, trade me there. It was tough to transition — a lot of travel, a lot of extra stuff.”

What are your thoughts on Sylven Landesberg?

“Very talented. The sky’s the limit for him, but you’ve gotta put the work in — just work on his game, and just be a leader, first and foremost. I know he’s young, but that’ll be a big part of the team’s success — his leadership.”

—compiled by Paul Montana


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