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Litchford, Atkinson for Honor

The Cavalier Daily Managing Board is pleased to endorse the following candidates for representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences for the Honor Committee

JJ Litchford has a clear vision of what he hopes to accomplish in the coming year and his plans set him apart from both the current Committee and his competition. Litchford understands the student body’s perception of the Committee and is dedicated to addressing student’s concerns. He acknowledges the extreme measures the Committee takes to protect privacy can be detrimental to its transparency and the Committee has a duty to report on itself to the student body. Along with improving the honor educators, he wants to implement a peer advisor program for athletes to correct the problem of a disproportionate number of athletes being brought up on honor charges. This problem is not the fault of the Committee and Litchford shows a desire to be proactive by addressing it. These plans show a thoughtfulness that will benefit the Committee and the students it serves.

Rob Atkinson will bring transparency to the Committee that is sorely needed. Atkinson plans to open a regular dialogue with the student body to allow the Committee to be less defensive and more open about its general proceedings. The honor system has always been controversial and critics and supporters need to first know exactly how the system works. The only solution is better education. If students are to fully appreciate the honor system, they must become more invested in it and that starts with understanding. Atkinson will restructure the Committee’s education efforts to make sure this understanding is brought to the student body.

Adam Michel is committed to making the honor system relevant to students. He work to implement an education program for first-year students so that students fully understand the honor system from the start. A first-year exam about the honor system, as proposed by Michel, will significantly increase incoming students’ understanding of the system, its purpose and its goals. Michel wants students to be excited about honor and the realization of that goal will help restore the ideal of honor at the University.

Stephan Halpin will work to improve the honor system from the inside out by accelerating the pre-trial investigations process. His idea for an evidence database to allow those working on trials to easily access information will make honor investigations more efficient. When a student’s future at the University hangs in the balance, greater expediency is highly desirable. Scheduling conflicts should not delay matters of such importance. Halpin will work to make the process better for all students.


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