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New year

Goals for The Cavalier Daily in its 120th year

The 120th managing board has several goals for the new term, the first of which is to make sure the paper continues to come out five days a week. If you’re reading this, then we succeeded. Beyond that, our main goal for this year is continual innovation. We want to focus on new media applications and also rework old ones. This can only be accomplished by better connecting with our readership, getting feedback to see what readers like and dislike. Additionally, the managing board also wants greater accountability for The Cavalier Daily and for the organizations we cover. We know our readers demand fair and balanced reporting, and we desire to give it to them. Improving our relationship with the University community as a whole will help hold the paper accountable for its operation and hopefully allow The Cavalier Daily to hold organizations more accountable as well.

The Cavalier Daily serves the University community and can do that most effectively when we know what readers want. One of our goals this year is to explore new opportunities, and also to implement new ways for readers to provide feedback about what works and what does not. Some of the new initiatives we will try include expanding our online content to include a tableau and sports blog, athletics coverage to include a greater variety of sports teams and news coverage with more features and investigative pieces. On our Web site, we intend to add photo albums for events and games we cover and video coverage of some events. The opinion section is also going to link columns to outside sources such as CNN to get readers outside of the University bubble.

Some of these ideas have come from our staff, others from our readers. In order to make it easier to establish a two-way conversation with our readers, we are going to rework the format of letters to the editor to include comments to the editor. These are not responses to news or opinion pieces, but thoughts about the content we are currently running and ideas for future content. These will be submitted on our Web site and help further the connection between The Cavalier Daily and its readers.

With these changes of our own, we ask in return that the organizations we cover become more open to being accountable to us. The Cavalier Daily’s goal of fair and balanced reporting is impeded when community members becomes tight-lipped about controversial issues. When organizations commit to being accountable to The Cavalier Daily, they affirm that commitment to the entire University. One way to improve our relations with the University community is to ensure that our reporting accurately reflects all sides of a story. If one side does not share their story, this becomes much harder.

The managing board hopes that this year will bring The Cavalier Daily and its readers closer, both by offering new and innovative content and increasing feedback. It is always the hope of The Cavalier Daily to be held accountable by our readers, and we hope the organizations we cover will share this goal in the coming year.


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