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Things I never thought I would say:

"Oh no, Will Sherrill looks like he might be hurt - that would be very bad for the team."

Last season, Sherrill was a complete non-factor for the Cavaliers. At best, he saw garbage time. Any points he made were inconsequential - unless you were craving some 'Canes that night. Now he is a go-to guy off the bench - contributing valuable minutes for Virginia on offense and defense.

"It is going to be a war down in the post this game with Jerome Meyinsse matched up against [N.C. State center] Tracy Smith."

Meyinsse, during his first three seasons, had started one game and was an afterthought down in the post. He is now the starting center and matching up well against the likes of Georgia Tech forward Gani Lawal and North Carolina forward Deon Thompson.

"Someone on Virginia has an uglier looking shot then Calvin Baker."

Yes, believe it or not, watching freshman guard Jontel Evans' shot makes me slightly queasier than watching Baker's. Mercifully, since Jontel makes his presence felt more on the defensive end of the court, I am not forced to see it as often.

"The Cavaliers - and I mean the Virginia Cavaliers - could make the NCAA Tournament."

"What?!" you may ask.

But yes, although it may be bad luck to talk about, Virginia, now 5-2 in the ACC, has a [good] shot to dance this year. We were 10-18 last year, and now we are looking at a [remotely] possible trip to the NCAA Tournament.

The orange and blue was second-to-last in the ACC last year and picked to finish second-to-last this year.

No need for any complicated enlightenment, though, says Bennett. Simply put, he tells his team: "That's not who we are or who we have to be."

The Cavaliers are now, after tonight's win, mind-bogglingly tied for first in the ACC.

Of course, any follower of Virginia football can tell you how easily and quickly a team can fall out of first place. So no need to get hasty. After all, the ACC, with only two teams in the top 25, is not having a particularly stellar season.

Nevertheless, the Cavaliers have been playing some good ball. A win at North Carolina is still a win at North Carolina. 3-0 against top-25 teams is ... Well, you get the idea.

So with another shot at Wake Forest coming this weekend - this time in our own territory - the Cavaliers will continue to build their tournament r


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