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Fourth year has finally arrived! In May, I will finally be graduating, I will finally get to walk the Lawn and I will receive the "Honor of honors." Four years at one of the premier public universities in the country. So many memories. Looking back, I would say that four things capture my experience here at the University of Virginia: political participation, intellectual stimulation, spiritual realization . . . and construction.

Seriously though, when did the University become the perpetual-buildingerecto-constructogon? Not that I have anything against buildings. I love buildings. But building buildings costs cold hard cash. If our state funding keeps going down, why do buildings keep going up? Sure, classrooms in Cabell Hall were dated, but I don't think students expect La-Z-Boy recliner treatment. So, what was the real impetus for the South Lawn project (which is very picturesque, I might add)? Sure, it feels right. And sure, it honors Thomas Jefferson, that noble man. But the project also houses both the religious studies and politics departments though, and, well, did TJ not originate the idea of separation of church and state? Hmm - ironic enough to cause pause.

But, seriously, I am no political activist guy. I really just want my walkway back - the path connecting Newcomb and Clemons. Why must I take a trek through foreign lands to get from eating to studying? I know TJ was big on walking, but even he would have treasured this time-saving shortcut. Very seriously, University higher-ups, down with the partition? Before graduation? Please?

Nick Carter\nCLAS IV