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Correcting the facts

This was an informative article ("Plan to create crisis centers," Feb. 18), however, I believe that I was misquoted on a few key points. I would like to clarify some important facts about students with disabilities at U.Va.

The article reports that I stated that there are 400-500 students at the University with "mental disabilities" who have disclosed to the LNEC. This is not accurate. There is no such category as a "mental disability." What I believe I said and would like to distinguish here is that there are 400-500 student at the University with disabilities of any sort (physical, sensory, learning/ADHD, psychiatric, medical) who have disclosed to the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center. There are also students at the University with these disabilities who have chosen not to disclose to our office. We do not have estimates about the number of students with disabilities at the University who have not disclosed to us.

Currently, we have not had any students with intellectual disabilities who have identified themselves to us and we are not aware of any students at the University with intellectual disabilities.

Students with disabilities comprise a significant part of the University community and contribute to every facet of the University's academic and student life.