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Thank you

It may not mean much, and I have only 250 words or less to say it, but from somebody who's outside of University academia and a next door neighbor living in Fry's Spring: Well done on your Jan. 28 Weekend Edition.

In quick reply to Laura Lattimer's letter to the editor ("Academical construction zone"), I only wish that Charlottesville was as attentive to city infrastructure as you implied the University is to its campus.

Roraig Finney's argument ("Dear Congress") for a letter instead of a speech addressing the State of the Union was convincing and spot-on!

Tell George Wang, if "apathy is the greatest threat to the democratic process," ("Buzz words") I'd trade it for the resentment that never seems to stop evolving in the outside world.

To the managing board, your efforts were goal, met and scored! At least from the way I see, anyhow.

What a way to go out, 121st staff, on your publication "sign-off." A thank you seems so insufficient to say but retirement is no longer met much with gold watches.

As for the 122nd, best regards following such a tough act. My challenge remains following as a reader.

Scott Bandy\nCharlottesville, Va.