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What feminism means

Where have the good men gone?

Far away from self-hating misogynist Ginny Robinson and her troublingly uninformed "Sexinomics" article (April 5).

Robinson's treatment of female power or, more accurately, her equation of sex with power over men is utterly ludicrous. The women's movement and, in fact, the whole population of women in the University would beg to differ, and would argue that sex should be just that and not some act of social currency as Robinson seems to believe.

Her dismay that female power is increasing in the workplace and government - since it diminishes women's "erotic capital," a phrase that seems to denote that all women are good for in this world is serving as sex objects for men - is disturbing. She also cites Freud - who any good scholar knows sees penises where, really, there's just a cigar - and Tucker Max, a literary date-rapist if ever there was one, and makes the argument that women's success discourages men from achieving, a point that underestimates the male intelligence and reduces them to ugg-ugg-ing cave men who only want sex.

Robinson doesn't appear to know what feminism means. At its core, the movement only seeks to establish equality - the bra-burning and man-hating is really just an unfortunate side effect of people like Robinson, who fail to listen and, thusly, look like idiots. Robinson and her traditional values of stoicism and fidelity should go back to the fifties - she belongs there. What she fails to acknowledge in her tirade against "feminism" is that feminists enable her to come to college, as well as to have a forum for her moronic and sexist views.

Charlotte Bush\nCLAS III