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Appreciation for service

The Global Student Council deeply regrets the recent replacement of Parke Muth, who formerly was the Office of Admission's director of international admission.

For those who may not have known him, he was not only in charge of choosing which international students to admit to the University, but also acted as the academic adviser to many students throughout their years on Grounds. Additionally, he was a strong advocate for international students' interests, and therefore committed himself to helping various cultural groups on Grounds.

Having contributed to other student-run organizations in the past, Dean Muth was also there for the GSC's inception in fall 2008. Since then, Dean Muth has helped the GSC on projects such as correspondence with newly admitted international students, as well as by funding, speaking and coordinating time and space for our meetings. This year, we planned on having monthly meetings with him to help create unity within the international community and more importantly to bridge the gap between international and domestic students through projects such as the International Dessert Festival.

Even though the GSC does not know the entire story behind his replacement, we are very saddened and upset about the loss of our favorite dean, who ate dinner with us ever so often. He was the pillar for international students at the University, as well as our dear friend. Dean Muth, international admissions will never be the same without you.

Heidi Wilder\nCLAS III