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Making headlines

I wanted to address the headline of the August 31 news article titled "Report exposes high hunger rates."

This headline not only is misleading, but also is not valid. The staff writers cite a Feeding America food bank definition of food insecurity as "a condition in which sufferers do not know where their next meal will come from."

Certainly, many people would qualify as sufferers of food insecurity without also being qualified as suffering from high hunger, contrary to what the article's headline suggests. For example, I did not know if my breakfast this morning would come from the dining hall, an on-Grounds retailer or as a gift from an extremely benevolent individual who happens to be distributing free breakfasts.

According to Feeding America, I suffer from food insecurity. It would be absurd to extrapolate from this that I am highly hungry and in need of assistance.

It is understandable that news headlines strive to grab the interest of readers. To pursue this goal by using invalid claims, however, only will undermine the credibility of the editors as well as the news source.

Grant Garland\nCLAS III


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