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Three years ago last month, I started my first semester as a student here at Mr. Jefferson's University. Having just transferred from Tulane University in New Orleans, I was hoping for and expecting a lot of different things. I was eager to hear new words like "Grounds" instead of campus and "first year" instead of freshman, meet new people and experience a new place.

Atop that list, however, was my desire to see better athletics and more interested fans. So to kick off my first year on Grounds, I decided that I wanted to do my first Virginia football game the right way. I attended a tailgate on the Lawn, I brought my girlfriend and I wore a Virginia jersey - which, as it turns out, isn't actually the right way to do it. And then we lost. Not a close loss, not a Rocky-like heartwarming loss, but an "I-want-to-leave-this-game-immediately-it's-so-awful" loss. Seven turnovers to our snobbish rivals from Williamsburg, who have the audacity to claim our founder as a student - if he liked the school even at all, he wouldn't have started his own - crushed my spirit.

That experience significantly colored my Cavalier fandom. It's really hard to be proud of the sports teams at your school when they get crushed by the likes of William & Mary. So I ended up spending more time watching the games from home on TV, because what's the point of enduring a hot, sweaty stadium with absolutely no cell phone service whatsoever just to see your team lose repeatedly? It is simply not worth it.

That's why last Saturday's game against the Tribe -