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Will Van Wazer

The conundrum of conference realignment

If you've paid attention to college football's conference realignment headlines during the last two weeks, you probably have heard the following rumors: Texas A&M to the SEC; Texas A&M back to the Big-12; Texas A&M actually to the SEC; Texas and Texas Tech to the PAC-12; Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the PAC-12; Texas and Texas Tech to the ACC; West Virginia to the ACC; West Virginia to the SEC; West Virginia to absolutely nowhere; Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC; Notre Dame and Penn State to the ACC; UConn and Rutgers to the ACC; Missouri to the SEC; A hybrid super-conference of the Big-12 and Big East remnants; a 22-team hybrid super-conference of the Mountain West and Conference USA; and BYU, Louisville, West Virginia and Cincinnati to the Big-12. Some of the rumors turned out to be true.


I try to like the MLB. I really do. I can live with the quaint opposition to instant replay in an attempt to keep the game as it was back in the day.


Three years ago last month, I started my first semester as a student here at Mr. Jefferson's University.

The hypocrisy of the NFL owners

If you were living under a rock for the past three days, I've got some news for you. U.S. District Court Judge Susan Nelson issued a 94-page ruling Monday evening regarding the recent NFL work stoppage in which she sided with the players.

The angel of Stern

Following last Tuesday's matchup between the Lakers and the Spurs, NBA Commissioner David Stern fined Kobe Bryant a sum of $100,000 for using a gay slur to refer to a referee who had hit the superstar with a technical foul during the game. While I completely understand what kind of image the commissioner is trying to promote with the punishment and the need for serious responses to problems like this, Stern is dealing with this situation in the completely wrong way. Since the rise of Allen Iverson and what some people have come to describe as the "thug" culture of the NBA, Stern has taken whatever steps he could to combat a negative image of his players.


I'm generally not a fan of judging an athlete by how many championships he or she has won. I think that's too simplistic a metric and doesn't take into account a lot of things, such as the strength of the player's team, the strength of the league or much of anything apart from who gets lucky during the playoffs.

National pastime no more

After reading fellow columnist Eric Cooper's piece, "A year without football," which appeared in yesterday's paper, my friend Solomon and I began to discuss our upcoming sports fate - a year that potentially would go on without the NFL and the NBA.

Virginia advances to WNIT quarters

[caption id="attachment_42308" align="alignleft" width="151" caption="Junior guard Ariana Moorer was the only Cavalier to tally double-digit points against Boston College, but her 15 points on 4-for-9 shooting from the field were enough to secure a third-round WNIT win against the Eagles.

Misplaced values

If you ever find yourself facing an NCAA investigation, I've got some advice for you - deny 'til you die. At least, that's the tactic the NCAA seems to prefer in its most recent, high-profile coaching investigations involving Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel and Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl. Tressel was fined $250,000 and suspended for two games - during which the Buckeyes will face off against "perennial powerhouses" such as Akron and Toledo - for covering up several of his players' misdeeds.

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