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Coming clean

In her recent visit to the University's Law School, Carol Browner, former director of the Environmental Protection Agency, made clear that when it comes to combating global warming, the enemy is not carbon but our own apathy. Our leaders have put the economy before the environment for 150 years, and now we are finally reaping what we sowed. To continue this trend of indifference would not only be irresponsible, but deadly. Sea levels are on the rise, hurricanes are more ferocious than ever, and yet we still have not taken the necessary action to combat global warming.

Beyond Coal has been advocating for this very action since 2002. Its goal to discontinue coal burning as a means of energy is now shared by 17 schools across the nation. Sadly, the University is not one of those. Its on-Grounds coal plant spews greenhouse gases every day despite being practically on top of the University Hospital's Clean-Air Zone, and its very existence contributes to the environmentally disastrous methods of extracting coal. As a leader in the academic community with a history of social progressiveness, the University's commitment to retire its on-Grounds coal plant would have rippling effects across the nation. Other institutions would follow suit and help in the collective removal of what is an incredible contributor of greenhouse gases. Only then would we be able to truly stem the relentless flow of climate change. I have no doubt the University is up to the task - all it takes is the will to act.\n\nBrian Fitzsimmons\nCLAS I