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Classic raunchy cartoon returns to small screen

The dynamic duo is back to grace our television sets with its lewd - but spot-on - humor and social commentary. Airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. on MTV, Beavis and Butt-Head provides ample laughs for new and old followers alike. The classic '90s cartoon ran for seven seasons before it stopped airing in November 1997, but this summer, creator Mike Judge declared its triumphant return to the small screen with a long-awaited eighth season.

A testament to the excitement surrounding the series' return, the premiere episode, which aired Oct. 27, snagged 3.3 million viewers, and I highly doubt fans were disappointed. The show has remained true to its vulgar roots, with high school bums Beavis and Butt-Head sitting on their couch critiquing contemporary music videos and TV shows - "What is this, Real Housewives of Detroit?" Beavis asks while watching a video clip of "It's So Cold in the D" by T-Baby - and constantly trying to "score chicks." Their outlandish trains of thought keep their commentary edgy and hilarious: "You can get a loan for big boobs?" Beavis shouts as he watches an episode of Teen Mom in the season's fifth episode. "I'm going to take out a loan to, uh, get a bigger schlong!"

Much like South Park, the series uses over-the-top storylines to skewer current cultural phenomena. Case in point, the first episode of the eighth season poked fun at the Twilight series. The boys spent the episode trying to get bitten by a werewolf to "get chicks." Instead, they end up asking a disease-ridden homeless man to bite them. In the process, they actually do end up getting some chicks


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