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Our class tree-rings

I am writing to support my fellow alumnus, Guy Geier, for his letter ("Constructive criticism," Nov. 18) in which he requested that our University administration and architect accelerate the renovations to the Rotunda so that the commencements for the classes of 2012 and 2013 will not be impacted.

As an alumnus and a father of a recent graduate, I would also like to remind our administration and architect to be sensitive to the symbolic and emotional importance of a full Rotunda in the commencement ceremony at the University. I can tell you that the image of my daughter walking down the Lawn with the glorious Rotunda in the background on May 22, 2011 brought tears to my eyes.

Although I am not an architect, I have had extensive experience in planning, managing and executing complex, multi-million dollar projects for a major global company since I took my degrees from the Engineering School more than 35 years ago. Cutting two months out of a 14-month project seems doable if there is a sense of urgency. I am asking the University community to have this sense of urgency so as not to deprive our classes of 2012 and 2013 and their families one of the most precious moments in their four years at our great University.

Liem Nguyen\nSEAS '75