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Staying on target

I want to respond to your column by Sam Carrigan on drone warfare ("Attack of the drones") in the Friday, Feb. 10 issue of The Cavalier Daily.

A bit of personal introduction beforehand: I graduated from the University in 1972 and served in the army until 1992 in Special Forces and intelligence assignments around the world. I ran drones during the Gulf War of 1991, so I know a little something about them.

I really don't know where to begin because your column is so misleading it would take a much longer letter to deal with all your misinformation.

1. The drone program is no more "unaccountable" than any other secret program of any of the armed services. They are accountable to Congressional oversight and hence to the American people.

2. There is a reason for the secrecy of the "black" programs. Did you forget that we are at war? Anwar Al-Awlaki was not an "alleged" terrorist "executed without a fair trial," as the columnist claims. He was identified by the government as an actual terrorist and was killed in an act of war.

3. The president is correct when he says that the strikes are "precise."