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Calling all alumni

Dear Editor:

In early August, UVa Alumni for Responsible Corporate Governance released a Legislative Briefing Paper. The paper outlines short- and long-term, non-partisan legislative goals for Virginia’s General Assembly. The legislative agenda is our response to substantial, continuing corporate governance issues created by UVa’s Board of Visitors.

Our group is now posting materials to help Virginia alumni and other citizens around Virginia who are deeply concerned about these issues. The materials explain procedures that can be used to contact members of the General Assembly about UVa’s ongoing corporate governance problems. The posting can be found at .

When the UVa Alumni Association’s proposed online wiki, “Alumni Forum,” becomes available, our group will seek to post these materials there as well.

Alumni and other citizens can use these advocacy points, and the Legislative Briefing Paper, to inform discussions with their delegates and senators of both parties. We suggest that alumni immediately begin emailing their delegates and senators; they should keep following up until the General Assembly’s January legislative session is over.

Many people understand that reconciliation after June’s Board of Visitors crisis has not worked. Therefore, these concerned Virginians should ask their representatives in the General Assembly to withhold approval of Helen Dragas’s nomination for a second term on UVa’s Board of Visitors. There are longer-term goals as well.

We hope Virginia alumni will point out these materials to their friends around the Commonwealth. Current students should discuss these issues and materials with their parents and friends. This non-partisan, bi-partisan legislative campaign starts now.

Richard D. Marks ‘66
McLean, Virginia