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Short leash on athletics

A desperate and disjointed Virginia football season will come to a close next week with yet another losing season guaranteed. Basketball began its season with a 1-2 record with what appears to be a very poor squad assembled. I do not see how the hoops team can win 8 games! The University’s major revenue sports continue to be the laughing stock of the ACC and in the state of Virginia.

For years, the University has used its deep athletic pockets to build some of the finest facilities in the country. The University’s academic reputation is among the elite and the athletic support staff is deep and talented. The University has everything a young recruit could want EXCEPT for the chance to play in a winning program.

It appears to me that the time for excuse making is OVER. It is time for the administration at the University of Virginia to seriously evaluate the ability of Craig Littlepage, Director of Athletics and his hired gun, John Oliver. Their efforts to effectively hire leaders in the revenue sports have been a disaster and, worse, their ability to analyze and make rapid change to create a winning program has failed to materialize.

The University continues to squeeze its donors for every dollar they can find. The leaders preach “excellence” on the field and they consider themselves among the best in the business… the results would say that they are sadly mistaken.

Teresa Sullivan, please put Mr. Littlepage on notice that the clock is ticking and the leash is very short.

Mark Smith
CLAS 1985