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Caring Americans

In response to Ashley Spink’s column, “Loaded arguments,” (Jan. 14) I would like to point
out that her arguments, though well-written, are incomplete. She argues that it’s high
time for the government to address gun control laws. Respectfully, I disagree. Let me be
clear: I’m not a gun fanatic, nor will I ever plaster “Y’all cain’t take ma guns!” across
the back of a muddy pickup — in fact I’ve only ever fired a gun once or twice before at a
range (poorly).

The events at Sandy Hook rightfully shook up the nation, and it’s natural at
a time like this to point fingers — “Well, it was the government’s fault for not having
strict enough gun control!” Ms. Spinks argues that the heart of this issue is figuring out
what legislation will “ensure gun safety.” Guns are literally weapons that project deadly
missiles by explosive force at incomprehensibly fast rates. Does that sound safe? No
legislation on earth could ever “ensure gun safety,” because, by nature, guns are not safe.

As Americans, we are powerful and, though we don’t take responsibility for every
bad choice a person makes, we do have the responsibility to lift up one another. America,
let’s love each other. Let’s teach our children to include the awkward kid in the corner.
Let’s watch feel-good movies on Fridays. Let’s give our kids video games that teach
critical thinking rather than annihilation. Let’s go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Let’s
breathe together.

The problem here is that creating a loving community isn’t as easy as pointing
fingers and lobbying congress to restrict guns or video games. But easier isn’t always
better. This is our best bet for ensuring a safer nation. It’s up to us.

Christopher Green