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Love Connection: Opposites don't attract


Year: First
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
University Involvement: Women’s Rowing, Intramural Lacrosse, Sustainability U.Va., Monroe Society and Environmental Sciences Organization
Ideal date (person): Tall, good smile, fun loving, adventurous and charming.
Ideal date (activity): An evening bonfire outside where we cook our own food and joke around. Maybe we could watch a movie together afterward.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Ryan Reynolds
Deal breakers: Vanity, smokers and closed-mindedness.
Describe a typical weekend: I go out Friday and Saturday nights to a friend’s place or the occasional frat/crew house party.
Hobbies: Exploring, reading, playing the guitar, socializing and going to the gym.
If your dating life were a prime time or reality show, what would it be? The Office (Jim and Pam ah!)
What makes you a good catch? It’s really easy to make me laugh, I’m flirtatious, easy going, athletic, good-natured and I am always up for anything. I love trying new things.
What inspired you to fill out the Love Connection survey? I read Love Connections and my friends and I filled it out together, which was a nice bonding experience, and I decided to send it in. My expectations were just to have a nice dinner, meet somebody new and I don’t know, potentially meet a love interest.


Year: First
Hometown: Detroit, MI
University Involvement: Brown College
Ideal date person (person): Intelligent, domineering, cynical, atheist or agnostic (bonus points for Bokonist), mentally collected but capable of not taking herself too seriously with a (perhaps dark) sense of humor and mild taste for adventure. For appearances, I am fond of cute little hipster girls.
Ideal date (activity): Go have a nice meal somewhere far from the Corner — somewhere there is no particular dress code, but you feel a subtle obligation to dress formally. After that, just stroll around downtown. Maybe see a movie or go ice-skating.
If you could date any celebrity, it would be: Zooey Deschanel. I do not care that she is 32.
What inspired you to take the Love Connection survey? It was 5 a.m.; I was in an incoherent state of mind, so to speak. My RA thought it would be funny. I filled it out that morning, actually, and sent it in. I’m no longer single so I didn’t really want to go on it.

Laura and Kurt met at Boylan Heights on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Laura: He wasn’t necessarily the type that I would generally go after, but I had an open mind since he introduced himself very nicely and with confidence, which was nice. He reminds me of my Canadian cousin.

Kurt: She was two minutes late, and I was five minutes early. It was dark, and cold, we were the only people there, alone. She seemed nice, kind of, status quo for U.Va.— athletic-y looking.

Laura: We talked about a lot of things. We have very different experiences at U.Va. since I’m in old dorms and he’s in Brown. We discussed our different experiences. Something really cool he talked about was that he has a deep fryer and a French press and all that. Actually, I might go back to his place just to use his deep fryer.

Kurt: We’re familiar with Canada. I don’t know, that’s about it. We like windmills. We talked about how Canada has windmills, and America has none.

Laura: We both like food, I guess. He really got me on that one. I guess we didn’t have much in common.

Kurt: She was not my type, because she didn’t know who David Bowie was, but she seemed nice, friendly, in a typical U.Va. fashion. I figured all Canadian people would know who David Bowie is because [they] want to be British. Then again, if I brought up Nickelback, she’d probably know that. You always know that, you Canadians.

Laura: It was a surprisingly natural conversation. I felt very comfortable, and I think it was really balanced. Since we had such different experiences we definitely had a lot to share.

Kurt: It was forcibly balanced. I mean, you have those conversations where you want someone to talk and so you ask them questions, and it’s kind of awkward.

Laura: Yeah, it was basically just a friendly conversation. There wasn’t any playful banter, teasing, I guess we were probably not very comfortable with each other because we’d just met.

Kurt: It was more like an interview. I guess that’s what a date is supposed to be, and if there’s an attraction it just doesn’t come off that way.

Laura: He talked about how he has a lot of connections in the downtown area; he used to date one of the managers’ daughters so he gets free food at this one restaurant sometimes.

Kurt: We agreed that Ted Kennedy sucked. Actually, we didn’t really agree on it; I said it and she was confused.

Laura: He paid, and then to be fair we went to Starbucks after dinner and I was going to buy his drink, but lucky for me the cash [register] was frozen so we ended up getting our drinks for free. It all ended with a handshake.

Kurt: I would rate the date a 4. There was no chemistry, but it was at least polite. It happened. I wasn’t vehemently angry at the end of it like I thought I might be, since those are my feelings toward most of U.Va. [students]

Laura: Well I don’t know, because I had a good time, but it wasn’t a “date” good time. In terms of a friendly outing I’d give it a 8, but in terms of a date, a 5 or 4 out of 10, simply because it didn’t really feel like a date.