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The Pearson-Hardman boys suit up

I don’t know what it is about USA’s Suits that makes me wish I had cable TV in my apartment. Is it the impeccable custom-made suits that Harvey and fellow lawyer, and once scrub, Mike wear that make my heart melt? Is it the drama that is the Pearson-Hardman law firm? Or even the ill-fated romance of Mike and the sexy paralegal, Rachel? All I know is that I was more than ready for season two to start up earlier this month right where it had left off before its hiatus that began in August.

Although the villainous Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) is gone from the firm forever, the company is still reeling from a struggle for a promotion that tore the firm apart – Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) are still at each other’s throats, and Louis will seemingly never recover from almost betraying Jessica (Gina Torres) in his ruthless pursuit of senior partnership. In the latest episode, Louis hands in his resignation, and although Harvey magnanimously tears it up, it still remains unclear whether Louis will remain at the firm that he so dearly loves.

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is still the fraudulent lawyer with a penchant for pot whom we all know and love. But after the death of his grandmother, Mike has ventured down a self-destructive path. Married women, reckless decisions and more than his fair share of illicit substances have clouded Mike’s judgment and ruined his relationship with Rachel (Meghan Markle), the hot paralegal whom he has been attempting to court since his first day at Pearson-Hardman. Although the two have chemistry, they can’t seem to stop fighting long enough to let sparks fly. As dramatic as this pseudo-love story may be, if the writers keep dragging it on any longer, they’re going to lose fans.

To highlight the positives of the new episodes, though, Harvey’s character has grown in leaps and bounds since the beginning of the show — he’s deeper and more complex than the seemingly shallow pretty-boy who melted hearts and dropped panties on the first season. His work relationship with his saucy secretary Donna (Sarah Rafferty), as well as his hook up with Zoe Barrett (who is played by Jacinda Barrett, his real-life wife, Australian model/actress) leave viewers conflicted; will Harvey ever find someone with whom he can settle down? After Harvey’s romance with Zoe is nipped in the bud by her brother’s illness, Harvey’s subsequent disappointment and emotional breakdown help develop his character into a more rounded individual.

For overarching storylines, the writers seem to spend the second half of the season focusing on Pearson-Hardman’s attempt to woo clients who were scared off by the controversy surrounding the firm. Will the firm crack under the pressure or will the dynamic duo of Harvey and Mike — with a little help from wise owl Jessica and hopefully Louis — emerge from the ashes stronger than ever? As the show was renewed for a third season of 16 episodes, I tend to think the latter. So suit up people, you have the right to remain silent.