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Walk the Moon to "rattle this ghost town"

Alt-rock band makes Charlottesville pit stop, sells out Jefferson Theater

If you have ever jammed to “Anna Sun”, you too know the infectious energy of Walk the Moon, the alternative rock band performing at The Jefferson Tuesday. Formed in 2010 by lead singer Nicholas Petricca in Cincinnati, Ohio, this band has quickly risen to the top in the world of alternative rock, converting these two writers — and hordes of other listeners — into dedicated fans.

“Anna Sun”, the band’s most recognizable track, injects a familiar pop-rock style song with a wellspring of optimism. Named after one of the bandmates’ college professors, the song embodies the sense of eternal youth felt while in college. Petricca’s lyrics remind listeners to have fun, even when times may seem tough — a message many University students can identify with. As any fourth year could tell you, our looming graduation date and all that it entails is more than a little intimidating. We could easily be tempted to settle for comfort rather than chase adventure, but the uplifting lyrics of band’s first single encourage otherwise, forcing us to appreciate the precious days we have left at the University.

Thankfully, Walk the Moon backs up its confident advice with rapid success. The band’s self-titled debut album has climbed the charts since its release last summer, including such head-boppers as “Tightrope” and “Jenny”. “Anna Sun”, which also appears on the album, managed to reach the top of Sirius XM Radio’s Alt. Nation’s Alt-18 playlist last May.

But don’t let the commercial success of these songs distract you from the multitude of other amazing tracks that Walk the Moon has to offer. From the group’s eponymous album, don’t miss “Next In Line,” “Quesadilla” or “Shiver Shiver.” In addition, the band’s new Tightrope EP, which came out just a week ago, foreshadows some great things that may come in the gang’s next album. Starting off with the stellar hit “Tightrope,” the EP also includes great new songs such as “Drunk in the Woods” and “Anywayican.”

The band is currently touring the country with Pacific Air and has less than a month left stateside before the crew heads to Europe. The sold-out shows here in the United States should serve as an indicator that Walk the Moon really can deliver when it comes to mind-blowing live performances.

This past summer we got the chance to see them perform at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Del. After making the agonizing decision to see Walk the Moon instead of John Legend, we were rewarded with an incredible performance. Running out with huge grins on their faces, the band members were just as shocked as we were to see the huge crowd they drew.

Their excitement was palpable and contributed to the powerful performance. Making the experience even more memorable, the many audience members were able to sing along to every song on the setlist, visibly shocking Petricca, who seemed ecstatic from start to finish. Most importantly, Walk the Moon backed up their great energy with high quality music that translated well to a live setting.

Walk the Moon’s relatable songs filled with eternal optimism were perfect for that summer festival. As we all jumped up and down in unison with the band, we felt that somehow we would be forever young. But Walk the Moon’s music does not just resonate during breezy summer days. Their infectious energy, talent for live performances and youthful enthusiasm should make their show Tuesday a resounding success.

So start scalping those tickets, ladies and gents. Due to overwhelming demand, Walk the Moon sold out the Southern, but then moved the show to the Jefferson, which was subsequently sold out as well. If you are one of those lucky enough to attend, make sure not to forget your face paint. Traditionally, the band members paint their faces for each live performance, and though they bring some to share with the audience, it’s never a bad thing to come prepared with your own.

Walk the Moon is going to “rattle this ghost town.”


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