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Love Connection: Beef doesn’t mix with Veganism

Year: Fourth
Hometown: Onancock, Va
Major: Environmental Sciences
U.Va. Involvement: American-Indian Student Union, Alpha Chi Omega, Environmental Sciences Organization
Ideal date (person): Ethnic of any brown sort (Indian/black/Hispanic/Egyptian/Persian/etc.) I like outgoing, weird, funny people.
Ideal date (activity): Food is always good, though I’m also into live music shows and sporting events.
Deal breakers: Social conservatives, or anyone shorter than I am.
Describe a typical weekend: Friends, drinking, bars, probably a concert at the Jefferson or somewhere. Football or basketball game on Saturday, library and meetings all Sunday.
If your dating life was a prime time or reality show, what would it be: “Community” (I partied with Donald Glover backstage at his Richmond show this past summer!)
Have you ever streaked the Lawn: More times than I can count.
What makes you a good catch: I’m pretty funny and ethnic looking. Also I’m strong.
Describe yourself in one sentence: Majestical and/or funny, down to earth, single, bilingual, ready to mingle.

Year: Third
Major: Systems Engineering
U.Va. Involvement: Founder of the Parkour Club, Engineering Student Council
Ideal date (person): My ideal girl is adventurous, fun, optimistic and outdoorsy. I’m not picky about physical features though I would prefer someone of short stature.
Ideal date (activity): Starting out with a fun activity which leads to a nice dinner filled with riveting conversation.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be: Emma Watson because she’s transitioned from a fun, child actress to an elegant lady.
What makes you a good catch: I’m easy to talk to, make the best of any situation, am adaptable and courteous.
Deal breakers: High maintenance, mopey, crazy.
_Describe yourself in one sentence:_I’m fun, open-minded, upbeat and ready to meet a new friend or possibly something more.

John and Katelyn met at the Rotunda at 5:30 p.m. Sunday and went to Lemongrass.

Katelyn: That was my first blind date. I guess I kind of expected it to go at least marginally well. I expected it to be a good experience.

John: Four of my friends were having a girls night and they just filled out my survey for me as a joke. I think it was more them just doing a “sign up John for this!”

Katelyn: I was there first, I was like 10 minutes early, sitting around. I just sat there and waited and he walked up. I was the only person there at the point when he came up.

John: She looked nice, it was going to be a fun time. I don’t really judge people immediately when I see them.

Katelyn: He was probably not anything that historically has been my type. Yeah, he’s attractive but maybe not someone I would pick out for myself.

John: I found it funny how I planned to the tee what kind of person was going to get matched up with me… vegan, sorority, outdoor activities. She was in all that. It was actually really amusing when I guessed that.

Katelyn: He dresses well. He was wearing a really nice outfit. He looked like a friendly guy — someone I would get along with.

John: We started walking toward the Corner… I mentioned we possibly could go to the downtown mall… it was Super Bowl night and we wanted to avoid places with bars. I hadn’t been to Lemongrass in a while and she really enjoyed eating there.

Katelyn: We talked about a lot. We had a lot in common — we’re both from military families, we’re both from the West Coast. We talked about “Star Wars”, we had similar movie tastes.

John: I ordered a ginger beef meal, and she ordered tofu. I asked if she was vegetarian, and she said “No, I’m actually vegan,” so I was thinking that I should have ordered something else; even chicken would have been better.

Katelyn: It was really easy to talk to each other. It was pretty balanced.

John: There were definitely times when the small talk did die down a little bit and there were times when she and I were having a good time talking about the things we were into. Probably just standard blind date conversation.

Katelyn: He told me this story about when he went to see “The Hobbit” there was this guido couple and this guy was wearing his shirt unbuttoned and had his chains and wore his sunglasses the entire movie.

Katelyn: It ended kind of abruptly because I really wanted to go watch the Super Bowl. We just parted ways outside of Lemongrass. We split the check; I’m normally pretty forceful about that. I could see myself hanging out with him; he was cool. I got probably just a friend vibe.

John: I didn’t really feel much beyond a friend vibe from her. I’d be open to hanging out sometime, but I didn’t really feel that dating would be an option for us.

Katelyn: I would rate the date a 6. It was good. I had a good time.

John: I would rate the date an 8. It was a fun, simple, regular date. Nothing major happened; it was just straightforward and fun! Lots of good conversation, just fun interaction.