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Love Connection? No Connection

Political junkie, movie lover fail to connect — or even talk at times


Major: Government

Year: Third

U.Va. involvement: U.Dems

School: College

Hometown: Wheaton, Ill.

Ideal date (person): I do hate to be picky and shallow, but if you insist… Brunette, medium height, thin, sarcastic, independent, honest, witty, driven, positive outlook, left-leaning (ideal, but that’s a personal desire not a must). Not in a sorority (again ideal but hey, can’t have everything).

Ideal date (activity): Dinner, movie and a mutual conversation would be grand. Above all, something relaxed and a good time with her.

If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? : Kerry Washington

Deal breakers?: Anyone apolitical. Weird I know, but that’s pure poppycock.

About you: A tall, sarcastic, realistic, government-enthused liberal that enjoys too many things.

Describe a typical weekend : Earning money at a place that takes money from others — no not the federal government. You know, that good ol’ ma and pa store on the corner: Walmart.

Hobbies: Tennis, Ping-Pong, News junkie

Have you ever streaked the Lawn?: No

Describe yourself in one sentence. : Excuse me, I’m from the North we don’t talk about ourselves that way. That’s barbarism.


Year: Second

Major: Math or Classics

U.Va. involvement: None

Hometown: Midlothian, Virginia

Ideal date (person): Definitely funny, at least slightly taller than me. Broad shoulders is a huge plus.

Ideal date (activity): Anything that allows easy conversation, e.g. not going to a movie theater.

If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?: Alexander Skarsgard. Or Darren Criss. Or anyone from the Avengers.

Deal breakers?: Smoking

Describe a typical weekend: Watch movies, do homework, hang out with my friends, go shopping, go to work.

Hobbies: Listening to any genre of music, singing, Twitter, Tumblr

Have you ever streaked the Lawn? : Yes, twice, but more times to come in the future!

It’s okay to brag — what makes you a good catch?: I’m awesome & sometimes unintentionally hysterical. I bake/cook delicious things. And I’m pretty.

Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m just your average 19-year-old girl except that I have 20 absolute favorite movies and swear like a sailor.

The Date

Anna and Tom met on Monday at 7 p.m. on the Rotunda steps and went to The Virginian for dinner and Arch’s for dessert.

Tom: I thought it would be fun, meet new people, and because of the Laura & Kurt story. [Laura] seemed very nice.

Anna: I filled out the survey just for a new experience. I thought it was funny.

Tom: Nope, I actually have not been on a blind date. I enjoyed it though. I didn’t want to have any expectations. Aim for fun and the worst could be that you have another friend. [Well], when I said I didn’t have expectations I did have one. I wanted somebody older than me.

Anna: This was my first blind date. I really didn’t know what to expect. He was dressed nicely and he looked really intelligent but not really my type.

Tom: She looked at me and I had a feeling of “yeah, that’s her” and I went up to her and said “you’re here for the thing” and she said yes. She seemed really nice, and [I thought] this could definitely be something to look forward to.

Tom: I couldn’t think of a place so I asked her what she wanted to do and she came up with The Virginian, so I said “sure!” and that worked out pretty well.

Anna: He kind of left it up to me where to go for dinner. I hadn’t gone to The Virginian in a while so we went there. He paid, but I paid for my own Arch’s. At the end of dinner I said I’d pay for his Arch’s if he wanted to go, but he just paid for his own.

Tom: No, [she was not my type]. It was really weird, if we did have a connection it was on movies; I’ve never met someone who knew as many actors and actresses as I do.

Anna: The conversation was a little stiff at times… not the smoothest conversation that I’ve had. I think he asked more questions than I did, just because I was blanking on questions to ask. It was more awkward at the beginning than at the end.

Tom: Whenever we did speak it actually went quite well. There were a lot of periods where we just sat there and it seemed like we were trying to think of what to say, but we were equally culpable for that.

Anna: At first he was asking questions about school and classes, but those really aren’t things I like to talk about. I think our best conversation was talking about movies — just movies we both want to see. We agreed that we like Skyfall, we both wanted to see Olympus Has Fallen really badly. [Anna indicated she did not want to see it with Tom, though].

Tom: [We had] not a lot [in common]. There was a friend vibe at best.

Anna: [In terms of what we had in common,] we both have siblings… we both have older sisters, and we both have dogs, but he said he was a cat person.

Tom: It was fine; she spoke about her family. I told her I had fun because it’s nice to get out to meet people; that’s always helpful to hear.

Anna: I wasn’t flirting and he wasn’t either. He walked me back to Lambeth and we started talking about cars and stuff.

Anna: We got to Lambeth and he didn’t even stop or anything, he was on his way to JPJ, and we both said “nice to meet you, had a nice time,” not even a handshake.

Tom: I would rate the date a 7.

Anna: I’d rate the date probably a 6 or 7.