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Date Dichotomy: Mixed Vibes at the Biltmore

Enthusiastic, smiling astrophysics major meets "very straight" Christian girl

Name: Mackenzie
Year: Third
Major: Nursing
Sexual orientation: Very straight
U.Va. involvement: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Ballroom Dance Club
Hometown: Ashburn, Va.
Ideal date (person): Christian, but not too extreme about it. Optimistic. Someone who can laugh at himself. Sense of humor. Hardworking with school/work. Motivated to achieve. Goofy!
Ideal date (activity): Breakfast date! Or brinner. Or bowling! Someplace where we can chat and laugh and have a good time without being too serious or awkward.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Ryan Reynolds. Not even a question.
Deal breakers? Beards. Someone that has a girlfriend. Stank. Hair longer than mine. Someone that smokes.
Describe a typical weekend: I sleep in until about nine o’clock everyday and get my housework done. Then, I relax by making food — usually grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese — and eat it watching TV. I love to watch Law and Order: SVU. I also play the guitar on the weekends. Sometimes I go out with my friends and have spontaneous fun.
Hobbies: Helping my patients live.
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? Nope. But maybe one day.
It’s okay to brag — what makes you a good catch? I shower daily. I play well with others. I share everything except macaroni and cheese and toothbrushes. I have really nice skin. I always have a sincere smile on my face. I take good care of myself, both physically and mentally. I work hard at school, having made Dean’s List every semester of college thus far.
Describe yourself in one sentence: Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Name: Poon
Year: Third
School: College
Major: Astrophysics & Economics
Sexual orientation: Straight
U.Va. involvement: Thai Student Organization, Asian Student Union, Astronomy Club, Athletics student tutor, Baking Club
Hometown: Angthong, Thailand :D Land of Smilessssss
Ideal date (person): Semi-athletic girl with a sense of humor, talkative, dog-lover.
Ideal date (activity): My date and I are cooking or baking while jazz music is playing.
Or star gazing :D.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Zooey Deschanel
Deal breakers? Smoker! Because that’s unhealthy!
Describe a typical weekend: Baking and cooking, watching all of the series that I can’t finish during the week, YouTubing, gaming, following news on the stock market, reading Naruto/Bleach/Fairy Tail, and studying.
Hobbies: Gaming, making models, watching How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, and of course cooking and baking!
If your dating life was a primetime or reality show, what would it be? Deal or No Deal
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? Maybe
It’s okay to brag — what makes you a good catch? I can cook and bake anything that you want, lady! You will get full protection with me — I have two years experience as Platoon leader in Royal Thai Army Reserve Force Academy. I have a peaceful mind after one month practicing with a Buddhist monk.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I am a cheesy house full of happiness and humor.

Mackenzie and Poon met on the steps of the Rotunda at 6:45 last Thursday.

Mackenzie: My boyfriend and I just broke up right before this whole thing came out; my roommate told me to try it just to have some fun.

Poon: I read the Cavalier Daily on a daily basis already and I saw Love Connection and I thought “so interesting,” and I don’t have any dating experience before and I thought why not? It was going to be a lot of fun – that’s what I thought. For me it’s hard to talk to American ladies whose name is not Sarah — I have a lot of friends named Sarah.

Mackenzie: I was excited. I told all my roommates!

Poon: I was surprised. I thought it was a birthday prank from my friend because my birthday is Saturday, and they usually do some prank on me. I’ve never been on a date before; I didn’t have girlfriend — but I’m straight, 100 percent straight.

Mackenzie: He was waiting for me, and I sat on the stairs because I wasn’t sure if that was him, and he came down and said “You’re Mackenzie.” and I said “Yep!”

Poon: I just asked her where did she want to go. She was kind of hungry, so I figured judging by how nice she dressed I should take her to Biltmore.

Mackenzie: He asked me if the Biltmore would be okay because [when] he walked by it didn’t seem very crowded.

Poon: She was kind of my type. I basically don’t have any type, just athletic. It turned out that she was a 5k runner, and it was pretty awesome how she can do that.

Mackenzie: He was not at all [my type]. He’s Asian, which was different because I’ve never dated anyone who’s Asian. His style was different, I was casual and he was all dressed up. He had a messenger bag; he’s here studying astrophysics, which is very out of my league.

Poon: She likes country music, I like country music, jazz. We kind of like the same music, like “Honey Bee.” Miranda Lambert is hot; that’s the reason I like the Honey Bee video.

Mackenzie: I seriously can’t think of a single thing [we have in common]. We both like the song “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton.

Poon: She usually goes to the gym, and I have weight training class. I think she said that she doesn’t like science, or stuff like sci-fi, but I do love that kind of thing.

Mackenzie: He told me a story about himself passing out in the middle of yoga from dehydration — I thought it was funny but I don’t think he thought it was funny. We talked about the awkward ER visit.

Poon: It’s hard to be funny in English. I can be funny with my guy friends, but with a girl it’s hard to make it fun. She told me that she wanted to be a nurse so I said she should be my mom’s kid so my mom would be happy.

Mackenzie: I think it was pretty balanced. The conversation flowed well; it was just hard to find stuff in common. We could both talk about our own lives well enough, but…

Poon: After the dinner I feel like she was kind of tired because she had a long day. She had to wake up at 4 or 5 a.m. for a nursing thing, so I figured why not let her go home. We took the Inner Loop and she got off, then I got off later.

Mackenzie: We both got on the bus and then I just got off at my stop; he had other plans at 9.

Poon: I would [rate the date a] 9. It’s nice to make a new friend, and she’s also one of my friend’s friends. I didn’t ask her full name so I could find her on Facebook or her cell number, I guess I forgot because we were kind of talking. If she’s okay with a second date, I would be fine [with that].

Mackenzie: I would rate the date a 3 or a 4. He was really, really, really nice, very polite, just not for me.