Students consider restarting Corks & Curls

O.W.L Society, Alumni Association efforts spur new leadership in student-run yearbook

A group of University students is considering the possibility of re-establishing the University’s yearbook, Corks & Curls, for the 2014-15 academic year.

The yearbook was published consistently for 119 years beginning in 1888, but declining revenues caused it to stop production in 2009.

President of the Alumni Association Tom Faulders contacted Corks & Curls staff alumni to restart the publication, and the association has coordinated a U.Va. Fund to facilitate financial donations from alumni who would like to support the yearbook.

“I sent out an email to Corks & Curls alumni asking them if they were still interested to offer help, mentoring, money, whatever it might be,” Faulders said. “I’ve seen some evidence of alumni stepping up and helping.”

Second-year College student Carly Buckholz and second-year Engineering student Michael Buhl will lead the revival effort.

“There have been movements in the past with the alumni,” Buckholz said. “I think it was a fair amount of former yearbook staffers that contacted the Alumni Association and kind of pooled together.”

In the next year, Buckholz and Buhl plan to create a staff, set up a workspace, and continue to rally alumni and faculty support.

The secret O.W.L Society, which seeks to promote journalistic and literary pursuits on Grounds, also recently re-emerged after a hiatus and released an anonymous letter two weeks prior to the meeting in which they pushed for the reinstatement of the yearbook.

“The O.W.L. is very pleased to hear of the increasing student interest in reviving the venerable Corks & Curls,” an anonymous O.W.L. member said in an email. “The O.W.L. welcomes the efforts of Miss Buckholz, Mr. Buhl and others to see to its return, and it [is] our sincerest hope that much progress will come out of this evening’s meeting and future efforts.”

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