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Dr. Dog's 'Dogged' Fans

Pennsylvanian indie rock band Dr. Dog managed to pack The Jefferson last Wednesday night as the group continued its nationwide tour promoting the October release of the critically-acclaimed “B-Room.”

Following an enthusiastic opening set from Benny Yurco and the Revealers, accompanied by Dr. Dog member Dimitri Manos, Dr. Dog started a stellar set that pulled from the wide range of the band’s repertoire. Though the group’s older music has a different sound than its most recent music, they masterfully revamped and integrated early tracks — “That Old Black Hole,” “Shadow People,” “Lonesome,” etc. — into the mix.

The songs and light show energized the audience, who rejoiced in a five-song encore, which included “The Way the Lazy Do” and “The Rabbit, The Bat & The Reindeer”, ending the night on an upbeat, energetic note.

Drummer Erik Slick dressed in a colorfully patterned outfit that matched his drum set, and Manos, who plays multiple instruments, contributed to the concert not only musically but as comic relief; while he would nod along to the music and diligently shake his tambourine, he spent most of the time glaring, unless induced to smile by a fellow band member.

Singer-guitarist Scott McMicken celebrated his birthday at the show, and members of the crowd periodically congratulated him and even attempted a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” As was evident Wednesday night, there’s no better way to celebrate another year of life than with a night spent with good friends and good music. Though the sign on the stage said, “Dr. Dog Tonite,” many fans surely went home wishing it said, “Dr. Dog Every Night.”