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Dean Zelikow not seeking reappointment

History Prof. Zelikow to take year-long hiatus, return to scholarship

History Prof. Philip Zelikow, associate dean for the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, has decided not to seek reappointment at the end of the school year.

“I have had a great experience working with the Graduate School and with students and faculty in so many departments,” Zelikow said in an email. “But I have a long-deferred leave coming up which will let me catch up a bit on some too-long deferred research and writing.”

Meredith Woo, College and Graduate Arts & Sciences Dean, who also recently announced she will not be seeking reappointment in May, said Zelikow will take a year hiatus before returning to teaching.

“In his leave he plans to write a book in New York,” she said. “There is nothing unusual here … I recruited him as my Associate Dean for graduate programs two and a half years ago and his term is for three years.”

Zelikow has been heavily involved with the Global Development Studies undergraduate program. Politics professor Jeffrey Legro, who has worked closely with Zelikow in the program, said he played a crucial role in introducing the major.

“[Zelikow] has been one of the key people who has been interested in the program,” Legro said. “In terms of the program moving forward, we hope he’ll participate.”

Zelikow said he expects “to remain very involved in the emerging Global Studies program.”

A former attorney and diplomat, Zelikow was director of the Miller Center from 1998 to 2005. Zelikow has taken two leaves of absence while at the University, once in 2003-04 to direct the 9/11 Commission, and again in 2007 to serve as Counselor of the Department of State.

“After three years of a very successful run as Associate Dean, he is going to go back to what he really loves, which is scholarship,” Woo said.