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LETTER: Dean Eramo awarded the Pale Z

The Z Society is pleased to announce that Nicole Eramo, associate dean of students, has received the Pale Z Award. The Pale Z Award is the highest and rarest honor that the Z Society can bestow. Our Society commends Ms. Eramo for her work supporting students whose lives have been affected by sexual violence. One of the University’s most dedicated servants, Ms. Eramo stands in the company of Ernest Mead, Pat Lampkin, and John Casteen — also recipients of the Pale Z.

This week, the University acknowledges the destructive effects of sexual violence. Take Back the Night Week comes on the heels of much serious conversation about sexual misconduct on college campuses, including a two-day conference that brought together representatives from multiple institutions.

It is difficult for colleges to respond to sexual violence cases. Administrators such as Ms. Eramo are caught in a complex tangle of confidentiality rules and legislation — from Title IX to due process requirements. The process of adjudicating sexual misconduct cases can be frustrating and intimidating. We recognize criticisms of this process. But Ms. Eramo, despite working within the confines of an imperfect system, has proved herself a tireless advocate for students. She deserves our gratitude. The Z Society thanks her for her efforts.