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LETTER: Facing challenges

To the Editor:

Wednesday, an extremist group came to the University and situated itself in the McIntire Amphitheater. The group spent the better part of the afternoon spewing hateful comments about the identities and lifestyle choices of many of the members of our community.

Some unfortunately use their freedom of speech — a freedom we wholeheartedly believe in — to express hate. But in the face of that hate, our student body stood together in support of all the students, faculty and staff who help make the University the community it is. While we abhor the statements made by this group, we are heartened and proud to see that our peers took the stand they did. Past student bodies might not have reacted with the same conviction and devotion, and our reaction demonstrates the progress we have made, though we still have a ways to go.

This will not be the only time the principles of our community are challenged. But, the takeaway from this event is that our community can face those challenges head on. It is our imperative, when faced with hate, to show love, and that is what we did, and what we hope future classes of the University will continue to do.

With full sincerity,

The University Democrats and the College Republicans