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A&E takes a trip with Vacationer

Electronic-loving indie pop band stopped in at the Southern last Monday

Vacationer — the dreamy, island-minded indie brainchild of Kenny Vasoli and group Body Language — has been steadily climbing the ladder to success after the release of their 2012 full-length “Gone” and this summer’s sunny “Relief.” Creating a hybrid genre they brand as “nu-hula,” the band brought their peace of mind to The Southern to dazzle up a dreary Monday. A&E caught up with Vacationer’s vocalist and bassist, Kenny Vasoli, to talk more about the band’s live and studio ambitions.

Arts & Entertainment: Vacationer's music is pretty much all over the map — sun-kissed indie-pop with tribal fusion and, at times, inklings of electronica. What caused this blend to come about?

Kenny Vasoli: I've loved electronic for many years but I had no idea how to produce it. I teamed up with Matt and Grant from Body Language to show me the ways. I was in search of a more chilled-out project that I could sing with a relaxed voice. We wrote our first songs in summertime, which seems to endlessly inform our sound. The influence of exotica came on the heels of the warm climate.

A&E: I know you started off your musical career in the pop-punk band The Starting Line, but have been involved in a variety of projects and styles since. What does this diversity bring to the table?

KV: I think I have a multifaceted perspective on music while trusting my melodic instincts. I know what sounds good to me. The context keeps changing for me. My influences always shift and I'm never afraid to honor and explore them.

A&E: How has this diversity in musical backgrounds translated to a Vacationer live show?

KV: I think it comes in handy with the confidence factor. I've logged many hours performing on-stage, and I'm thankful I can be comfortable up there now.

A&E: Your new record, "Relief," dropped this summer. Where do you see your band now compared to the promising outfit which released "Gone" in two years ago?

KV: More people are discovering us now. That's the most I can ask for. I'm glad people enjoy us, and we continue to find our audience who operate on a common vibe.

A&E: You've played Charlottesville in the past. What keeps you coming back to the area?

KV: The south is almost always a pleasant experience. Virginia is southern without being too far from us in Pennsylvania. We'll keep coming there as long as people keep asking us back.

A&E: What does the future spell for Vacationer's music and larger goals?

KV: I want to play nice theaters and keep developing the live show into even more of an environment in addition to the performance. I want to take escapism to new levels with our music.