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21 November 2014 Dear President Sullivan,

21 November 2014 Dear President Sullivan, We were all heartbroken and enraged to read yesterday's Rolling Stone article.  The extreme violence that was reported is shocking and demands an unequivocal response that we will not tolerate violence against our students.    UVA faculty and staff have been debating how we might most effectively respond. As an initial step, we propose a policy that, effective immediately, bars any student organization that is under investigation for sexual misconduct and sexual assault from hosting any activities. Further, we suggest that the University call on the Greek System to collectively and voluntarily suspend activities this weekend in light of recent events and out of respect for the survivors of sexual violence on our campus. We believe this immediate action will be an important first step in sending the message that violence against our students will not be tolerated. It will also send a clear message to fraternities, that if they stand by and fail to intervene in violence, or if they knowingly do not report violence, the activities of their fraternity will be suspended.  We look forward to seeing this important response implemented, Christine Mahoney, Batten School Craig Volden, Batten School Jennifer Doleac, Batten School Paul Martin, Batten School Sophie Trawalter, Batten School Guian A. McKee, Batten School Eileen Chou, Batten School Ben Converse, Batten School Isaac Mbiti, Batten School Jeanine Braithwaite, Batten School Eric Patashnik, Batten School Molly Lipscomb, Batten School Randall Lutter, Batten School Gerald Warburg, Batten School David Breneman, Batten School William Shobe, Batten School Chloe Gibbs, Batten School Kellie Sauls, Batten School Patti Edson, Batten School Charity Fowler, Batten School Amanda Crombie, Batten School Chris Ruhm, Batten School Herman Schwartz, Department of Politics William Quandt, Department of Politics Nicholas Winter, Department of Politics Carol Mershon, Department of Politics David Waldner, Department of Politics Todd S. Sechser, Department of Politics Jonathan Kropko, Department of Politics Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Department of Politics David Klein, Department of Politics John Echeverri-Gent, Department of Politics Stephen K. White, Department of Politics James D. Savage, Department of Politics Robert Fatton, Department of Politics Colin Bird, Department of Politics Peter Furia, Department of Politics Denise Walsh, Department of Politics Meredith Woo, Department of Politics Daniel W. Gingerich, Department of Politics George Klosko, Department of Politics Allen Lynch, Department of Politics Sonal S. Pandya, Department of Politics Sidney M. Milkis, Department of Politics Lawrie Balfour, Department of Politics David Leblang, Department of Politics Laura Barnes, Systems and Information Engineering Andrew Obus, Department of Mathematics Craig Huneke, Department of Mathematics Worthy Martin, Department of Computer Science James Harrigan, Department of Economics John Pepper, Department of Economics Ariell Reshef, Department of Economics Toshihiko Mukoyama, Department of Economics Spencer Phillips, Department of Economics John Owen, Department of Economics Steven Stern, Department of Economics Andrew Kloosterman, Department of Economics Jahan Ramazani, Department of English Jerome McGann, Department of English Peter S. Baker, Department of English Karen Chase, Department of English Deborah McDowell, Department of English Lisa Woolfork, Department of English Stephen Arata, Department of English Jennifer Wicke, Department of English Caroline Rody, Department of English Katharine Eisaman Maus, Department of English Rita Dove, Department of English Anna Brickhouse, Department of English and American Studies Devin Donovan, Department of English Sylvia Chong, Department of English and American Studies Lisa Goff, American Studies Grace Hale, Departments of History and American Studies Paul Halliday, Department of History Vivian Thomson, Departments of Environmental Sciences and Politics Sarah Milov, Department of History David E. Carr, Blandy Experimental Farm and Environmental Sciences Michael Pace, Department of Environmental Sciences Stéphanie Bérard, Department of French Jeanette Patterson, Department of French Karen James, Department of French Mary B. McKinley, Department of French, Emerita John D. Lyons, Department of French Amy V. Ogden, Department of French Ari J. Blatt, Department of French Farzaneh Milani, Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures Tomoko Marshall, Dept. of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures Gabriel Finder, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures Susan McKinnon, Department of Anthropology Richard Handler, Department of Anthropology Patricia Wattenmaker, Department of Anthropology Kath Weston, Professor of Anthropology Ira Bashkow, Department of Anthropology Eve Danziger, Professor, Anthropology and Linguistics Sara Myers, Department of Classics Coulter George, Department of Classics David Kovacs, Department of Classics John D. Arras, Department of Philosophy Patrick Dennis, McIntire School of Commerce Cynthia Fraser, McIntire School of Commerce Thomas S Bateman, McIntire School of Commerce Jason Williamson, McIntire School of Commerce Felicia Marston, McIntire School of Commerce Rick Netemeyer, McIntire School of Commerce Peter Gray, McIntire School of Commerce Patrik Sandas, McIntire School of Commerce Ryan Nelson, McIntire School of Commerce Natasha Zhang Foutz, McIntire School of Commerce Karin B. Bonding, McIntire School of Commerce Nancy L. Deutsch, Curry School of Education Diane Whaley, Curry School of Education Valerie A. Futch, Curry School of Education Melissa K. Levy, Curry School of Education Deborah Hellman, School of Law Andrew Hayashi, School of Law Amy Wharton, School of Law Mildred W. Robinson, School of Law Molly Bishop Shadel, School of Law Micah J. Schwartzman, School of Law J.H. (Rip) Verkerke, School of Law Ben Doherty, School of Law Deena R. Hurwitz, School of Law George Rutherglen, School of Law William C. Johnson, Department of Materials Science and Engineering Kurtis R. Schaeffer, Department of Religious Studies Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch, Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning Students & Alumni Leif Fredrickson, Department of History Alexander Welch, Department of Politics Michael Poznansky, Department of Politics Marc Opper, Department of Politics Jingcai Ying, Department of Politics Abigail Post, Department of Politics Ella van der Haar, Department of Politics  Sam Plapinger, Department of Politics  Aycan Katitas, Department of Politics  Roger Herbert, Department of Politics  Marina Omar, Department of Politics Lauren Knizner, Department of Politics Ross Mittiga, Department of Politics Andrew Clarke, Department of Politics April Herlevi, Department of Politics Veronica Vos , Department of Politics Paromita Sen, Department of Politics Marina Omar, Department of Politics Lauren Knizner, Department of Politics Kenneth Lowande, Department of Politics Trevor Turner, UVA CLAS 2015, Batten 2016 Retsy Holliday, UVA CLAS 2015, Batten 2016 Haley Swartz, UVA 2015, Batten 2016 Michelle Cho, UVA CLAS 2015, Batten 2016 Katherine Bailey, UVA 2015, Batten 2016 Alex Gregorio, UVA 2015, Batten 2016 Natalie Geleta, UVA 2015, Batten 2016 Gabrielle Jorgensen, UVA 2015, Batten 2016 Anna Barber, UVA 2014, Batten 2015 Michael Reilly, UVA 2015, Batten 2015 Leah Remsen, Batten 2016 Jennifer Casto, UVA CLAS 2008, Batten 2015 Sarah Collier, Batten 2015 K. Bailey Morton, CLAS 2009, Batten 2014 Heidi Wilder, CLAS 2013, Batten 2016 Liz Prinzi, Batten 2015 Topher Lancaster, CLAS 2011, Batten 2015 Mariam Thomas, Batten 2015 Vanessa Fabrizio, UVA 2014, Batten 2016 James Yu, Batten 2015 Nicole Fratkin, Batten 2016 Shilpa Narayan, Batten 2015 Megan Morton Clark, CLAS 2008 Ebonie Williams, CLAS 2014, Batten 2015 Griffin Horter, Batten 2015, VP St. Elmo Hall Nathaniel Jewell, Batten 2016 Samhita Nelamangala, Batten 2015 Heather Berg, Batten 2015 Alexandra Georgiadis, Batten 2016 Lindsay Kimbro Brooker, CLAS ‘09 Madison Busch Gallagher, CLAS ‘08, Batten ‘14 Shannon Joyce, Batten MPP ‘15 Nekaybaw Brooks, Curry 2016 Fatema Munis, CLAS ‘10 Jeannette Williams, CLAS ‘09 Nicholas Werner, CLAS 2015 Teresa McCoy, ARCH ‘09 Megan Clark, CLAS ‘08 Sama Ehtesham, Batten 2015 Annie Rorem, Batten 2013 Malcolm McGregor, UVA CLAS ‘13, Batten ‘15 Alexander So, CLAS ‘15, Batten ‘16 Greyson Spencer, Batten ‘15 Kaitlyn Howard, Batten 2016 Madeline DeCerbo, Batten 2015 Zachary Porter, CLAS ‘14, Batten ‘15 Cristina Armengol, CLAS '09, School of Medicine '13 Sonia Wang, UVA CLAS 2015, Batten 2015    Spencer Schloss, UVA CLAS 2015, Batten 2015 Nancy Holliday, Parent of UVA students, Retsy & Ransom Holliday Samir Salifou,CLAS ‘15, Batten MPP ‘16 Chanel Cooper, CLAS ‘14, Batten ‘15 Morgan Falls, Batten 2016 Thomas Turner, Batten 2016 Rebecca Dudley, CLAS ‘14, Batten ‘15 Minahil Amin, CLAS 2014, Batten 2015 Robert Reese, CLAS 2015, Batten 2016 Mark White, Batten 2016 Sarah Taylor Mary Colley, Batten 2015 Batul Abbas, School of Architecture 2017 Caryl Merten, Batten 2015 Alexander Wallace, CLAS 2014, Batten 2015 Elizabeth Vandenburg, CLAS 1982 Nick Bauer, CLAS1981 Grace G. Bauer, CLAS 2013 Juliette Cho, CLAS 2010 Lora Kim, Batten 2016 Zahabiyah Dahodwala, CLAS 2010 Caroline Hollis, Batten 2016 Laura Lyons, CLAS 2014 Terry Mason, MPP 2014 Virginia Gordon, Batten 2015 Victoria Tran, Batten 2016 Brian Fitzsimmons, CLAS 2015 Liz Seccuro, CLAS 1988 (gang-raped at Phi Kappa Psi in 1984) Krishi Sharma, CLAS ‘15 Julia Hiser, SEAS ‘18 Elizabeth Franck, CLAS ‘18 Sarah Rupert, CLAS ‘18 Hyemin Yoon, CLAS ‘12, Batten ‘13 Jennifer McDonald Brecht, CLAS 1991 EDUC 1997 Christopher Carlevato, Batten 2015 Sydney Collins, CLAS 2016 Israel Vaughan, Batten 2016 Stephanie Krebs Louka, COMM 2001 John Hayes Chellman, CLAS 2018 John Devine CLAS 2018 Matthew Taylor CLAS 2016 Sylvia Q. Ayub CLAS 2009 Caroline Burke, CLAS 2015 Yuanqing Zheng, Batten 2014 Kevin Postigo, CLAS 2015 Mary Moynihan Curry 2018 Leah Wener, ARCH 2012 Suzy Kenney, CLAS 2015 Todd Wells, CLAS 2015 Deidre An Gillham, CLAS 1982 Rohan Bakshi, CLAS 2010 Charles Smith, CLAS 2016 Amanda Switzer, COMM 2008 Megan Epp Van Fleet, EDUC 2004 Shivshankar Srikanth, BATTEN 2014 J Michael Mathias, CLAS 2012, Batten 2013 Greg Lewis, CLAS 2015 Eric Minor, SEAS 2016 Elise Bottimore, NURS 2016 Nicole Haselden, SEAS 2016 Veronica Son, SEAS 2016 Courtney Lawson, SEAS 2016 Corey Turner, CLAS 2015 Caitlin Russell, CLAS 2015 Ashley Kalbac, SON 2017 Richard Yoder, CLAS 2017 Ashley Stiles, CLAS 2015 Joseph Farris, CLAS 2015 Lindsey Jones, McIntire 2015 Bryanna Southan, CLAS 2015 Chloe Gardner, Batten 2015 Tyler Kameh, Curry 2017 Angel Calvin, CLAS 2014 Taylor Legg, Curry 2015 Sophia Naide, CLAS 2017 Kurt Hilburger, CLAS 2016 Adama Walters, CLAS 2018 Aras Scimemi, SEAS 2018 Tyler Burd, SEAS 2018 Harpreet Singh, CLAS 2018 Katarina Wonders, CLAS 2017 John Durel, CLAS 2018 Pasha Davoudian, CLAS 2016 Yuexi Wang, CLAS 2015 Ben Oslund, SEAS 2016 Nicholas Bergh, SEAS 2016 Oliver Goodridge, CLAS 2015 Dahler Battle, CLAS 2016 Samantha Lagestee, SEAS 2018 Era Kryzhanovskaya, CLAS 2009, SMD 2013 Sam Prestwood, SEAS 2016 Isaac Mackey, CLAS 2016 Will Mullany, CLAS 2016 Sage Tanguay, CLAS 2016 Haley Lieberman, CLAS 2018 Kathleen Meisen Morton, NURS 1979 Heidi Velk, Batten 2015 Jacqueline Tran, CLAS 2016 Melody Duncan, CLAS 2016 James Cathro, Batten 2016 Michelle Bonsu, CLAS 2015 Augustina Mensa-Kwao, CLAS 2015 Lorey-Eileen Geary, CLAS 2016 Diamond Valentina Bruner Walton, CLAS 2009 Madeleine Partridge, School of Architecture 2015 Chelsea Adams, Batten 2016 Graham Egan, CLAS 2014, Batten 2015 Matthew Cooper, CLAS 2018 Courtney Hall, CLAS 2004 Claire Ryberg, CLAS 2014 Allison Finn, SON 2016 Nonye Onokalah, CLAS 2017 Amy Bartenfelder, CLAS 2016 Rebecca Lass, CLAS 2018 Aqura Russell SEAS 2016 Julia Beecher Strickland COMM 1982 Alecia Zwicker, CLAS 2017 Zoe Grippo, CLAS 2018 Emilie Hodge, CLAS 2018 Emily Keenan, CLAS 2016 Isaac King, CLAS 2017 Margaret Bowman-Jones, CLAS 2015 Samantha Rasnic, CLAS 2015 Anna Gray, CLAS 2018 Kerry Reichhardt, CLAS 2017 Alexandra Williams CLAS 2012 Dylan Campbell, CLAS 2017 Audrey Baker, NURS 2016 Mackenzie Springer, CLAS 2018 J. Taylor Fisher, CLAS 2017 Delaney Davis, CLAS 2018 Katie Grimesey, CLAS 2017 Philippe Griffiths CLAS, 2016 Andrew Heinzman CLAS, 2016 Maggie O’Toole, CLAS 2017 Jack Parkhurst, CLAS 2018 Rebecca Kim, Batten 2015 Forrest Brown, CLAS 2017 Bernice Tay, CLAS 2016 Abenazer Eregetie CLAS 2017 Kendall Mueller, CLAS 2018 Frank Biller, Virginia Rowing Scott Stuard, CLAS 2013 Lucas Pienkowski, CLAS 2018 Pearl Risberg CLAS 2018 Timothy McMullen, CLAS 2018 Jinlu Yuan, CLAS 2017 Leah Walter, SEAS 2017 Edward Crocker, CLAS 2013 Emily Salle, CLAS 2015 Michael Cotumaccio CLAS 2017 Caitlin Muir, CLAS 2017 Timothy Rodriguez CLASS 2018 Morgan Vorwald, NURS 2017 Nora Zahn, CLAS 2016 David He, CLAS 2016 Christian Kochuba, ARCH 2016 Max Ober, CLASS 2017 James Falter, SEAS 2015 Haley Bowler, SEAS 2017 Jessica Park, CLAS 2018 Kathryn Mullin, NURS 2018 Emma Maggie Solberg, GSAS, 2013 Becca McCharen, ARCH 2006 James Balderston, SEAS 2017 Minnat Choudhury CLAS 2018 Judy Ho, CLAS 2018 Shuman Zhou, CLAS 2018 Riley Hazard, CLAS 2017 Felicity Martin, CLAS 2018 Niemann Pest, SEAS 2018 Katherine Mitcham, CLAS 2018 Alyssa Nghiem, CLAS 2018 Matt Whitesell, SEAS 2017 Oanh Dao, CLAS 2018 Carter McCants, CLAS 2018 Ryan Cheng ,SEAS 2017 Jane Diamond, CLAS 2018 Olivia Schoffstall, CLAS 2017 Maggie Utecht, CLAS 2015 Joshua Gritz, School of Architecture 2018 Natalie Beam, CLAS 2018 Sarah Shan, CLAS 2018 Tia Javellana, CLAS 2018 Mackenzi Sherman, CLAS 2016 Maelona Manik, CLAS 2018 Hannah Corbin, CLAS 2018 Amy West, CLAS 2016, Curry 2017 Michael Becker, SEAS 2016 Madison Butler, CLAS 2018 Nicholas Western, CLAS 2018 Emily Gore, CLAS 2018 Charlotte Knipp, CLAS 2018 Grant Gossage, CLAS 2018 Matt Zetkulic, SEAS 2018 Kelly McCain, CLAS 2018 Tyler Crown, COMM 2014 Hayley Aubin, CLAS 2018 Catherine Toro, CLAS 2018 Nora Eakin, CLAS 2010 Elizabeth Rives, CLAS 2018 John McNulty SEAS 2015 Hank Turner CLAS 2018 Meagan Martin, CLAS 2018 Trevor Shealy, CLAS 2018 Angie Padilla, SEAS 2017 Ian Davey, SEAS 2010 Alexander Nguyen, CLAS 2018 Elizabeth Francis, CLAS 2018 Natalie Noble, CLAS 2018 Nicole Calandra, CLAS 2016 Donna Anselmo, CLAS 2015 Laura Eom, SON 2018 Joanna Gurman, Curry 2017 Claire Speranza, VT 2017 Sarah Cancienne, ARCH 2012 Emily P. Kinkead, Curry 2015 Melinda Robey, CLAS 2015 Diana Schaefer, CLAS 2018 Taylor E. Johnson, CLAS 2015 Efrat Abramson, CLAS 2018 Mikayla Thompson, CLAS 2018 Lindsay Parra, CLAS 2010 Charlie W. Clement, CLAS 2017 Lydia Lichlyter, CLAS 2015 Theodore Fergusson, SEAS 2016 Marisa Roman, CLAS 2009 Kinsey Shumaker CLAS 2018 Caitlin Levine, CLAS 2015 Rhody Mastin, Batten 2015 Alexa Tilley, Curry 2015 Ayesha Arshad, CLAS 2015, Batten 2015 Alec Hoke, VT 2015 Anna Boynton, CLAS 2015 Rebekah Lee CLAS 2018 Saeeda Quansah, CLAS 2016 Crystal Gong, CLAS 2018 Kaitlin Fanikos, CLAS 2015 Bhakti Raval, CLAS 2018 Peter Malandra, SARC, 2012 Troy Anselmo, SEAS 1984 Ruth Anselmo, parent of current UVA student Charlie Rosemond, Batten 2016 Caroline Whittinghill, CLAS 2015 Mishal Shahbaz, Class of 2017 Matthew Diasio, GSEAS 2017 Shannon Mason, CLAS 2016, Curry 2017 Sergio Mendez Rivas, CLAS 2018 Alexa Liedke,  CLAS 2017 Britt Brown, CLAS 2016 Alex Huff-Reynolds, CLAS 2014, Curry 2017 Emily Cowen, CLAS 2018 Bryanna Miller,  CLAS 2018 Stephanie Asante, CLAS 2015 Melissa Elliott, SARC 2006 and 2011 Hannah Woodruff, SEAS 2017 Kayla Eanes, CLAS 2017 Nora Walls, CLAS 2017 Mei Bohannan, NCSU 2014, cousin of UVA students Julia Voighy, CLAS 2016 Maddie Keating, CLAS 2015 John Denning, SEAS 2017 Jason Motley, CLAS 2017 Patrick Rice, SEAS 2017 Niki Afsar, CLAS 2015 Lital Firestone, CLAS 2017 Joshua Danoff, CLAS 2017 Julie Meadows, CLAS 2015 Paulius Sinkora, CLAS 2017 Maria Anderson, CLAS 2017 Emily White, CLAS 2018 Jordan Brandon, CLAS 2017 Sophia Socarras, CLAS 2017 Sajala Shukla, CLAS 2017 Erin Sutherland, CLAS 2016 Sarah Killian, CLAS 2018 Sofia Shalotenko, SEAS 2017 Erik Dornbush, SEAS 2015 Lindsay Henricks, CLAS 2004, Curry 2005 Laura Cross, CLAS 2018 Christopher Hastings CLAS 2018 Jessica Flester, CLAS 2017 Josephine Miller, CLAS 2018 Ariel Kesick, CLAS 2017 Carolina Anaya, CLAS 2017 Vijay George, SEAS 2017 Brittany Hill, CLAS 2017 Veronica Brooks, CLAS 2007 Jenny Shin, Batten 2016 Hales Parcells CLAS 2015 Emily Nelson, CLAS 2017 Nicholas Maguire SEAS 2017 Johnny Wang,CLAS 2017 Daniel Barmas-Alamdari, CLAS 2017 Cari Lynn Hennessy, CLAS 2006 Connor Fleming, CLAS 2012 Mehar Virdi, CLAS 2017 Sarah Cathey, SEAS 2017 Daniel Moon, CLAS 2017 Madeleine Stone, CLAS 2017 Allison Gossen, CLAS 2017 Addie McMurtry, CLAS 2017 Sarah Arciniegas, CLAS 2018 Mohammad Malik, CLAS 2018 Erin Whitney McCabe,  CLAS 2007 Jillian Smith, CLAS 2017 Nicole Densmore, CLAS 2017 Adam Campbell, SEAS 2014 Ulrike Salifou, Batten MPP ‘16, MPH ‘16 Anna Mendelson, CLAS 2018 Nicholas Pradhan, CLAS 2018 Laura Barham, CLAS 2018 Maria Witteman, CLAS 2017 Richard Farella, SEAS 2014 Maia Foster, CLAS 2017 Michaela Brown, CLAS 2018 Jordan Fingerhut, CLAS 2018 Rachel Mayman, CLAS 2018 Amanda Demmerle, CLAS 2017 Sophia Kim, CLAS 2017 Leandra Irvine, SEAS 2017 Sarah Brotman, CLAS 2018 Carolina Chung, SEAS 2018 Stephanie Coffua, CLAS 2016 Nicholas Walker Baldi, SEAS 2016 Sara Calder, CLAS 2018 Shivam Mehta, SEAS 2018 Sara Weintraub, CLAS 2015 Carrie Bohmer, CLAS 2017 William Bachmann, CLAS 2017 William Truban, CLAS 2017 Nicole Moon, CLAS 2018 Sarah Perkins, CLAS 2018 Noah Zeidman, CLAS 2018 Nina Lukow, CLAS 2016 Rishi Malhotra, CLAS 2016 Sara Dalpe, CLAS 2018 Paige Sullivan, Batten school Katherine McMahon CLAS 2018 JT Byrne, CLAS 2017 Vijay Menon, CLAS 2017 Cat Reynolds, CLAS 2017 Michael  Pelletier, CLAS 14 Gary DePalo, SEAS 2017 Jenna Truong, CLAS 2015, Curry 2016 Charlie Sheehan, CLAS 2017 Cameron Crowder, CLAS 2007 Emily Irwin, CLAS 2017 Hannah Neukrug, Batten 2016 Anne Cohen, CLAS 2015    Beth Wagner, CLAS 2015    Elizabeth Grossmann, CNU 2017 Abigail Scheerschmidt, CLAS 2017 Morgan King, CLAS 2014 Allison Prisloe, CLAS 2017 Brooke Gillman, CLAS 2017 Kelly Carson, CLAS 2016 Emily Green, CLAS 2018 Allison Lettie, CLAS 2017 Jessica Littman, CLAS 2018 Lily Kingsolver, CLAS 2018 Emma Goldberg, CLAS 2018 Aurvan Koyee, CLAS 2018 Rachel Ford-Fink, SEAS 2015 Lauren Hornsby, SEAS 2018 Natalie Shea, CLAS 2018 Kathryn Thompson, Batten MPP, 2016 Meghan Grumbling, SEAS 2018 Drew Kiser, CLAS 2017 Frances Clifton, SEAS 2017 Jose Vargas, SEAS 2017 Savannah Moretz, CLAS 2017 Jacek Slowikowski, CLAS 2007 Andrew Kovalenko, CLAS 2016 Maria Cacciapuoti, CLAS 2017 Colton Ladbury, SEAS 2015 Ross Oliveira, SEAS 2015 Colin M. Downes, School of Law 2015 Rachel Kim, CLAS 2015 Olivia Rauch, CLAS 2017 Alexandra Glynn, CLAS 2017 Mary Russo, CLAS 2017 Ed Gillman CLAS '84 Mariel Sullivan, CLAS 2016 Jackie Beilhart, CLAS 2007 Lauren Bostrom, CLAS 2017 Annie Crockett, SARC 2018 Emily Hamilton, CLAS 2018 Maggie Mascarenhas, CLAS 2017 Anna Barr, CLAS 2018 Wendi Chen, CLAS 2017 Caroline Bauserman, CLAS 2017 Adam Antoszewski, CLAS 2017 Blair Wriston, Class of 2016 Sam Needham, CLAS 2017 Sarah Echols, CLAS 2017 Molly Donovan, Curry 2018 Shawn Podowski, CLAS 2018 Miranda Myers-Burton, CLAS 2017


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