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Love Connection: Matt and Hannah

An enjoyable date leaves both participants willing to chat again

<p>Matt and Hannah enjoyed each other's company and conversation over coffee and both say they would like to chat again. </p>

Matt and Hannah enjoyed each other's company and conversation over coffee and both say they would like to chat again. 


Year: Fourth

Major: Environmental Science

Hometown: Richmond

Hobbies: Exercising, pickup basketball, hiking, fishing, music, cooking and grilling

What makes you a good catch? I can wine and dine like a classy gent and still sweep you up with spontaneity.

What's your favorite pickup line? You know, I don’t think we’ve met before. My name’s Matt.

Describe yourself in one sentence: I am the most easygoing guy you’ve met — trying something new every day and still only scratching the surface.


Year: Second

Major: Undeclared

Hometown: Deerfield, MA

Hobbies: Volunteer firefighting

What makes you a good catch? I do some pretty unique stuff. It’s not often you meet a firefighting, ice-hockey-playing sorority girl.

What's your favorite pickup line? Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.

Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m pretty easy-going and I like spontaneity. I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life doing the same thing.

Matt and Hannah met at 10:30 a.m. and went to Starbucks.

Matt: I signed up for Love Connection last year because a friend of mine had done it and it seemed like a lot of fun.

Hannah: I had a teammate on the hockey team who did [Love Connection] and said it was fun, so I decided to try it.

Matt: I was surprised when I found out I was selected because it was a year later, but I like meeting new people so I was interested [in seeing] what would happen.

Hannah: The date happened kind of last minute, but I was excited to see where it would go.

Matt: The Rotunda renovation project is a pain, but it made it easier to find each other. There were only 20 square feet of space available.

Hannah: He was sitting kind of tucked into the fence when I first got there, so I didn’t see him. I finally found him, though, and we shook hands and went on our merry way.

Matt: I hadn’t had my coffee for the day so we headed over to Starbucks. It was really crowded, so we took our drinks and walked over to Para.

Hannah: We sat outside with our drinks, which was cold, but we both had warm drinks so it was pretty nice.

Matt: It was definitely an easy conversation – it was balanced with a natural kind of ebb and flow. I felt bad because I was coming down with something and was a little out of it at times.

Hannah: It was a little tough at the beginning because we were trying not to be awkward, but once we got over that it was easy. We talked about everything – mostly U.Va., our majors, things like that.

Matt: She plays ice hockey, which I thought was pretty interesting – I hadn’t met anyone who plays ice hockey [before]. We also talked some about travel; she’s been to some pretty cool places and shared stories about [them].

Hannah: [We both strongly believe] life always works out for the better and [we] have a go with the flow mentality.

Matt: We were pretty similar personality-wise. She’s definitely mature for a second year and has a good head on her shoulders, but we [are] in different life stages.

Hannah: It was a good conversation, but we both had some homework to get back to so after an hour or so we agreed to leave. We parted at the Corner around Mincer’s and shook hands before heading back to our apartments.

Matt: I would be interested in chatting again if I ran into her – this is a cool program and it was a really interesting environment to get to know someone [in].

Hannah: I don’t know how to get in contact with him because I deleted my Facebook, but I’m going to reactivate over Thanksgiving break when I have more time and may friend him then.

Matt: I would rate the date a 7. It was certainly an enjoyable experience and she was really nice. I had a good time chatting with her.

Hannah: I would give it a 7. He was really nice and it was a good conversation, but I don’t think either of us were looking for something more.

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