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2015’s best and brightest

A&E compiles popular picks for rising stars of 2015

Arts and Entertainment has scoured the internet for lists of artists to watch in 2015. To save our readers a little time and trouble, here is our take on this year’s up-and-coming stars, as selected by a few of the music industry’s biggest names in journalism.

Years & Years

Called “fresh and innovative” by MTV and providing “charisma and allure” according to The Huffington Post, this group picked up Bruno Mars’ unique pop and blended it seamlessly with delicate beats to create “Desire,” an emotionally charged track that is both dark and energizing. Not a dance track, but a heart-pounding jam nonetheless.


Shamir Bailey appears on several lists of artists to watch this year — including MTV’s, Billboard’s, and Spotify’s — with “On the Regular,” a beautiful, fresh track with a newly popular message of self-confidence and body positivity. Bailey’s norm-defying fashions, music video so bright we need shades and fusion of light rap and EDM will certainly make a splash this year.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Frontwoman Aly Spaltro strays from the powerful female pop stars of 2014 — like Meghan Trainor and Iggy Azalea — in favor of simpler instrumentation and beats. Guided by her raw, lilting vocals, Spaltro has created a cutesy ballad that would sound perfect in a Target commercial in her “Billions of Eyes,” featured by SPIN Magazine. Her several albums provide feel-good, mellow folk tunes for easy listeners.


Featured by SPIN Magazine and The Huffington Post, lead singer Garret Borns packs a soulful punch into each track on the band’s 2014 “Candy” EP. Part of a soft pop-alternative genre, everything about the group’s tastefully grungy “10,000 Emerald Pools” inspires without needing bright, quick synth beats. A heavy, rolling drum tracking sets BØRNS apart and carves out a place for them in the music industry this year.


Harkening back to Destiny’s Child and Rihanna circa 2006 with the release of “Unfaithful,” Tink revives slow, evocative hip hop in her “Treat Me Like Somebody.” Though, according to Billboard, she hasn’t made her formal debut yet, it seems this impressive 19-year-old will wow wide audiences this year.

Each artist listed has his or her own unique sound and will find a niche in the vast array of genres and labels available today, but only time will tell if these artists will live up to the world’s expectations.


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