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​Cavalier Daily elects first ever all-female managing board

Horowitz wins editor-in-chief in uncontested race

The Cavalier Daily held elections for its 126th term Saturday, electing an all-female Managing Board for the first time in the paper’s history.

Third-year College student Julia Horowitz — who served as an assistant managing editor for the last year and as Life editor before that — was elected Editor-In-Chief.

Horowitz said she plans to improve relations with organizations around Grounds so that readers see the paper as an asset which can work constructively with student groups.

“Our core goal as an institution is to provide this community with information,” she said. “I want to build relationships with people where they feel that they can come to us with tips.”

Horowitz outlined goals for internal restructuring, aimed toward improving the operations of the entirely student-run organization.

“I have a few internal goals for the paper — one of those is [to make sure] that we are working as efficiently as possible, so there might be some infrastructural adjustments,” Horowitz said. “I’m also hoping to work with a lot of our business staffers to make a plan so we can ensure that we are sustainable, because I want to make sure that when news breaks two months from now, five months from now, 12 months from now that we have an institution there that can react — … and that comes from being financially sustainable.”

Second-year College student Dani Bernstein, who served as a senior associate editor in the Opinion section for the past year, was elected as Executive Editor in a competitive race. She will be tasked with writing the Managing Board’s lead editorial on a daily basis.

“I would love to build on the work the managing board did last year by keeping the lead editorial relevant to students and keeping our readers engaged, making sure the content of the opinion section is of incredibly high quality, and training our writers to better craft their arguments and seek out sources to supplement their arguments,” Bernstein said.

Third-year College student Chloe Heskett, a senior associate editor for the News section for the past year, was elected Managing Editor in a contested election. As Managing Editor, Heskett will oversee all of the paper’s non-opinion literary content, as well as its video and social media operations.

“I’m excited to work with the literary sections of the paper to produce high-quality content that will hopefully be very engaging to the student body and reflective of a wide variety of student experiences,” she said.

Second-year College student Lianne Provenzano was re-elected as Operations Manager. Provenzano is responsible for the paper’s design, photo and online operations.

“I want to integrate more graphics into our paper and increase our visual presence,” she said. “I think this is especially important, given that we have a very strong literary presence, and I think that we can do a lot to supplement that on the operations side.”

Third-year Commerce student Allison Xu, who previously served as the paper’s marketing manager, was elected Chief Financial Officer. She will manage the financial and marketing aspects of the paper.

Mitchell Wellman and Thrisha Potluri, both second-year College students, were elected as Assistant Managing Editors. Potluri has served as a copy associate and a senior writer for the News section. Wellman also served as a copy associate and production associate.

Second-year College students Owen Robinson and Katherine Wilkin were elected as News Editors, and third-year College student Sara Rourke was elected Focus Editor.

Third-year College student Matthew Morris and third-year Commerce student Ryan Taylor, both of whom served as senior associate editors for the Sports section for the past term, will step in as the new Sports Editors.

Many of last year’s junior board are continuing their roles in the coming term. Second-year College students Victoria Moran and Allie Jensen were re-elected for their second terms leading the Life section. Meg Thornberry, a third-year College student, was re-elected as Health & Science editor. Third-year College student James Cassar was re-elected to his post as Arts & Entertainment editor, to serve alongside his newly-elected co-editor, second-year College student Candace Carter.

Second-year College student Gray Whisnant and third-year College student Conor Kelly were elected as Opinion editors.

The Cavalier Daily’s newest section — Humor — will be led by second-year College student Chance Lee and third-year College student Charlotte Raskovich.

Second-year College student Mark Duda and second-year Architecture student Jasmine Oo join third-year College student Sloan Christopher as Production Editors.

Third-year Engineering student Marshall Bronfin is staying on as Photo Editor and is joined by third-year College student Porter Dickie, who was also elected as Video Editor.

Second-year College student Kay Agoglia and first-year College student Alex Rein were elected as managers for the Business staff, and second-year College student Jessica Godt will serve as marketing manager for the new term.

Second-year College student Dallas Simms and second-year Engineering student Manali Sontakke were re-elected as Social Media managers, and first-year College student Anna Sanfilippo will step in as Online editor.

The new term officially begins Feb. 1.