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LETTER: Black graduates, take pride

To the black students of the Class of 2015,

"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."

- Malcolm X

Congratulations! By officially completing your journey of education at the University you have begun to evolve into the ethical and moral intelligentsia that will further the advancement of the world.

As you step forward, we ask that you take pride in your University. Yes, take pride in the fact that you were blessed with the opportunity to matriculate through the University ranked second in the nation in public higher education. Take pride that you were bold and brazen enough to stay on Grounds and follow through. Through all of the classes, through all of the assignments, through all of the calculations, presentations and tests; through the tyranny of peers who may not have understood your desire to bring awareness to the plight of those who are deemed less worthy to live in this nation; through early mornings of studying after long nights of partying; and through break-ups, make-ups, heartaches and happiness you — yes you, Wahoo — you made it! Take pride!

You now wear the honors of Honor and with the turn of a tassle you progress forward from students to alumni. As alumni we ask that you don’t forget your experiences at the University. Don’t disconnect from your friends, who will undoubtedly disperse toward their individual ideas of success. Don’t disconnect from the faculty and staff who will be staying behind to cover the legacy you have bestowed upon the Grounds you are now about to leave. Instead, remain inspired and invigorated and become just as involved as alumni as you were as students; in the happenings of the University, your local communities and this world at-large. Establish a world of equal opportunity through complete healing, justice and reconciliation. The millennial spirit of today’s workforce is guaranteeing that every inch of the planet can change for the better and we expect the same with the University, with your help and guidance.

We send you many well wishes and high praises towards your successful future, and wish to work hand-in-hand with you in guaranteeing that the lights that lit our Lawn and shined from the windows of our dorms continue to illuminate the world with passion and love for our fellow man and for future Wahoos to come.

Congratulations Wahoos of 2015, you have worn the honors of Honor, you have graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA!


The University of Virginia Black Alumni Association