Coming this week: annual student guide to Charlottesville housing

A Cavalier Daily exclusive

Each year The Cavalier Daily puts out a special issue on student housing at the University. This issue is intended as a comprehensive guide for students as they consider where to live in the next academic year. Thursday’s issue will include the resources outlined below.

Housing Options Profiles

Comprehensive profiles of the primary student housing options, both on- and off-Grounds will provide information on the most important aspects to consider when choosing housing, including price ranges, proximity to Grounds and student reviews of the pros and cons of each location.

Graduate Student Housing

Graduate and undergraduate students often do not interact on a day-to-day basis — a separation reinforced by housing locations. Undergraduates tend to gravitate to areas such as Jefferson Park Avenue, Rugby Road and the Corner area, but graduate students tend to localize in different neighborhoods. They may have different priorities when choosing housing, such as proximity to North Grounds as opposed to Central Grounds.

Range Housing 1010

The Range, while proximal to the Lawn and similar in appearance, operates on very different premises. Primarily graduate students live here, the application process is distinct from that of the Lawn and funding for community activities is far less.

Board of Visitors discuss dorm resident reviews

The Board of Visitors recently looked at student reviews for the newest first-year dorms on Grounds. Post Occupancy Evaluations for the new dorms on Alderman Road found that students’ primary concerns included a lack of acoustic privacy, inconvenient locations of water fountains and sporadically-operating motion-sensor lights.

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