U.Va. yearbook Corks and Curls releases first edition since 2008

New book will cover 2014-2015 year


Corks and Curls, the University yearbook founded in 1888, was discontinued in 2009 due to financial problems. It was revived in 2013 and has published annually since.

Marshall Bronfin | Cavalier Daily

Corks and Curls, the University yearbook founded in 1888, released its 2014-15 edition Friday.

This is the first publication of the book since it was discontinued in 2008 due to financial reasons. University students Carly Buckholz and Michael Buhl reinstated the yearbook with the help of the Alumni Association and Corks and Curls alumni.

The yearbook is primarily composed of photographs and short feature articles, copy editor Marissa Kuo said. Students on the staff write most of the features in the yearbook.

“A college or university yearbook is very different from a high school yearbook,” Kuo said. “The book is very feature driven — we won’t write a feature about the U.Va. basketball team, we will write something about Malcolm Brogden and how playing on the team reminds him of playing with his family at home as a kid.”

Corks and Curls consists of individual teams, and is a huge annual project, Kuo said.

“The publication consists of a design, photography and copy team,” Kuo said. “It’s really quite a massive undertaking because it has a lot of moving parts.”

College fourth-year Marnie Kremer, Corks and Curls editor-in-chief, said the organization is composed of 30 to 40 undergraduate students and is a certified CIO which receives Student Council funding, student activities fees and alumni donations.

The yearbook aims to draw on diversity found in the student population and life at the University, with the hope that each student opening the book finds something they can relate to, Kuo said.

“We really make a solid effort to make sure we bring as many aspects of the university together as we can,” she said.

Corks and Curls does not receive any funding directly from the University, but it welcomes the reestablishment of the book, University spokesperson Matthew Charles said.

“The University is pleased to have Corks and Curls back as part of the U.Va. community,” he said.

College second-year Sarah Perkins said the year book would be great to have after graduating.

“I had no idea about it and I wasn’t aware that that was going on, but I think that it’s super awesome and it’s such a great way to reminisce about your college years,” Perkins said.

Corks and Curls is currently working on the 2015-2016 edition, which will be released next fall.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Corks and Curls was discontinued in 2009 and is now publishing its third returning edition. The publication was discontinued in 2008 and is now publishing its first edition since then. 

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