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A&E staff picks: Pump up jams

Featuring pump-up songs for basketball season

<p>Listen to&nbsp;A&E's weekly playlist.</p>

Listen to A&E's weekly playlist.

Each week, Arts & Entertainment staff members compile a list of their current favorite tracks, hoping to help readers find their new go-to jam. Look out for occasional themed playlists and solid tracks from a wide range of genres every week. This week features pump-up songs for the basketball special issue.

1. “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang

The song that made hip-hop what it is today is often recognized, even if listeners have never heard of the group behind it, or even the song's name. A clean, smooth sound lets this masterpiece deviate from other in-your-face workout songs.

-- Karim Saoud

2. “Water Curses” by Animal Collective

Perhaps the band’s most underrated song, “Water Curses” — from the EP of the same name — is energy epitomized. With upbeat guitar, euphoric synthesizer and fast paced lyrics, it’s hard not to feel excited after listening to this song.

-- Christian Hecht

3. “Dance Apocalyptic” by Janelle Monae

This song is the perfect blend of funk and pop, which Janelle does best. It's the crazy theme song you need as you get hyped up for any game. Any song with the lyrics "Smash, smash, bang, bang / Don't stop Chalangalangalang" is a song I'd get pumped up to.

-- Vondrae McCoy

4. “Backpackers” by Childish Gambino

This track off Gambino's first studio album matches any workout. Slow opening beats perfectly pace runners' steps while the increasingly angry lyrics and heavy bass make for an extremely productive lifting session. One of the rapper's most underrated efforts, album "Camp" showcases Gambino's more pointed lyrical talent and highlights traditional rap styles, in contrast to the pop-rap tunes of his more recent releases.

-- Candace Carter

5. “Ollie North” by Donovan Wolfington

The opener to this New Orleans band's latest full-length drips with hot static and VHS noise. Not completely blistering indie-rock and not entirely a pop-punk throwaway, this four-minute lesson in shoegaze-glazed energy is well worth giving a test run.

-- James Cassar

6. “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa

This dynamic duo can get anyone on their feet. Salt-N-Pepa bring the energy with this funk-style hip-hop song that will make you want to, well, push it! Nothing like a little motivation from a couple women who know how to groove.

-- Julia Stembridge

Listen to the full playlist below or on the Arts & Entertainment section’s Spotify page at CavalierDailyAE. Tune in next Thursday for our next installment.