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N.O.W! Gallery highlights fourth-year studio art majors’ work

Student-driven MacGuffey exhibit closes Nov. 21 after display

<p>The MacGuffey Art Center located near the Downtown has displayed the work of fourth-year studio art majors from the University for the past several weeks.</p>

The MacGuffey Art Center located near the Downtown has displayed the work of fourth-year studio art majors from the University for the past several weeks.

A group of 35 fourth-year studio art majors currently have work displayed in an artist collective called N.O.W! at the McGuffrey Art Center. An eclectic collection of work, N.O.W! highlights talent through numerous mediums, including painting, drawing, book-making, sculpture, cinematography, woodworking and metalworking.

Figurative representations, abstract and conceptual imagery, still life works and depictions of the natural environment all contribute to the diverse composition of the exhibit, ensuring there is something for everyone to appreciate.

“We didn't have an exact theme except for our own personal discovery,” said fourth-year College student Noora Al-Saadawi, the head curator of sculptures. “Everyone seemed to recognize that this was an important show and wanted to go above and beyond.”

Art should push people to think, question and discuss the nature of the work, which is exactly what the N.O.W! gallery encourages. It displays a beautiful collection of student art and manages to fill the space with a cohesive, relatable atmosphere, even if the overarching theme is based on individual expression.

“This show was to exhibit something new and different that you may have not done or shown before,” Al-Saadawi said.

Despite a common thread among works, the gallery succeeds in emphasizing the individuality and originality of each student. It also highlights the diverse directions a person can take when deciding what to create.

Patrons brought to the N.O.W.! gallery at random would never suspect they were viewing the works of students due to the sophisticated themes, styles and craftsmanship of each piece. The artists’ skills are shown in both delicate and powerful compositions, as well as portrayal of illusions of space, details in each shadow and swatch of light, attention to minuscule details and simplified objects and central ideas.

The exhibit is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closes Nov. 21. A visit to McGuffey is highly recommended for those who are interested in the arts and those who are not, as it allows students to support their fellow classmates and celebrate their achievements.

“We all spent so long working on the pieces and then hanging and arranging them in a way to show off every piece,” Al-Saadawi said. “It was also a chance to show off our work to people not involved in the arts and for them to see what all the hard work has gone to.”