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The dire implications of U.Va.’s loss to GW, as told by a fan message board

The following is a narrative formed exclusively from more than a dozen fan posts to made in the aftermath of the Virginia basketball team’s loss to George Washington on Monday night. The posts came from this message board:

Damn, now the BB team plays like crap. Will the sun rise tomorrow? Because I feel like it’s going to explode… like my heart :’(

GW is NOT a good team. It's an inferior team. We lost. Losers lose to inferior teams. We will go 1-29 this year. Overratted chants well deserved!!!

This is the most uninspired Virginia team I’ve ever watched. I will have little confidence in our team until they can prove they can play against a really good squad. I was hoping for a more enjoyable November and December. This is unacceptable. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong.

Did Tony Bennett let us lose on purpose to teach a message? No, but he still hasn’t taught an adequate offense.

Defense no longer exists for U.Va. At no point last night did we look like the team from last year.

We might need to rename the pack line defense. Nothing is packed anymore.

To me, this team has lost its edge and confidence. This is a holdover from the end of last season. We need to get it back. And soon. Everyone not named Malcolm Brogdon played like a steaming pile of crap.

But I think, at times, Malcolm is too deferential to his teammates. And sometimes, like tonight, he can throw a lot of bricks. Malcolm is skilled and savvy but a pretty average athlete.

Unfortunately, some of our sophs seem to be in a sophomore slump already. The sophomores we were counting on are the problem.

And we have no shooters. For example, Tobey and Perrantes have not improved their shooting and scoring skills in 2 years. Bench them. I can’t remember a U.Va. team with zero threats from beyond the arc. We have one shooter that can shoot half way decently and the rest are terrible. Gonna be a lonnnngggg season.

We’re gonna lose many more if London Perrantes plays like he did tonight. He may have read too many press clippings this offseason. I wish Perrantes would do something or either just go to the bench.

The hair is really hard to look at. Stupid haircuts: look stupid, play stupid. The haircuts are just one of the signs that certain players’ heads is getting too big. Time for a group trip to the barbershop.

I also believe we are closer to a top 20 team than a top 10 team. I'm predicting a regular season record of 22-8 this year. You can make any excuse you want, but I know what I just saw.

With that loss, we are now projected as a sixth seed in the tournament. And that seems generous.

Most of these comments are so outrageous that they do not deserve responses, and it’s possible some were made in jest. Overall: we’ve played two games. Relax.

Matt Comey is a weekly Sports Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @matthewcomey.