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C’Ville eats: recommendations from Prof. Lou Bloomfield and Honor Chair Faith Lyons

Fellow Hoos weigh in on their personal favorite dishes on and around Grounds

Lou Bloomfield

Photo courtesy University of Virginia

Lou Bloomfield is the associate chair of the Physics department and a Physics professor. Along with being the professor of the well-loved class, “How Things Work,” and compiling the handy class catalogue, “Lou’s List,” Bloomfield frequents local restaurants in the area. He has had more than 30 years of experience with Charlottesville’s broad selection of tasty meals. Bloomfield gave his top recommendations for the best of Charlottesville eats to The Cavalier Daily.

1. Tavola

At Italian restaurant Tavola, near the Downtown Mall, it’s a tie between Melanzane alla Parmigiana and Garganelli con Verdure di Primavera.

“The atmosphere is very nice — very comfortable. The food is just very satisfying. As an appetizer, they have Burrata cheese, which is really excellent,” Bloomfield said. “[My wife and I have] always liked visiting Italy, staying in little towns and just hanging out. This reminds us of doing that. It’s like going on a brief vacation to Italy.”

2. Bodo’s Bagels

From Charlottesville favorite Bodo’s Bagels, Bloomfield’s order is a sesame bagel with pastrami, lettuce, tomato and spicy mustard.

“I remember when Bodo’s first appeared — the one up on 29,” Bloomfield recalled. “It said bagels were coming, and for several years we were waiting for that to turn into bagels. It had been a Roy Rogers. We were waiting, and we got really skeptical, but eventually it appeared…They were surprisingly good outside of places like New York. Actually, I think they’re better than most New York bagels…I’m not sure I could name any New York bagels that I like better.”

Faith Lyons

The Cavalier Daily

Faith Lyons is a fourth-year Commerce student, a fourth-year Trustee and chair of the Honor Committee. Lyons has enjoyed dining at places like Lemongrass and The Pigeon Hole on the Corner since her first year at the University.

1. Bluegrass Grill

For a brunch with a great atmosphere Lyon’s recommends Bluegrass Grill’s omelets.

“It’s super hard to get a table because it’s so good, but I think that’s probably my favorite place downtown. I love going there for brunch on the weekends,” Lyons said. “I try a different omelet pretty much every time I go there, [but] they have one that is…spinach and feta cheese. I think probably my favorite food they have is their biscuits; they’re delicious…The reason I like eating there and why it’s my favorite is just the atmosphere. The people who run it are really awesome.”

2. Himalayan Fusion

“It’s really good. I went with friends earlier this year. One of my best friends at U.Va. coined this term ‘adventure dining,’ where she just picks a random restaurant in Charlottesville, and we’ll just go with friends and try it,” Lyons said. “So we all went adventure dining to this restaurant. It was a really cool atmosphere and the people were really nice. It was a super cool place to try on a random Friday.”